The National Forum for Black Public Administrators

The National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) is an organization committed to the improvement of the position of blacks in public administration and executive positions. The organization mentors young aspiring administrators for senior positions in the future. The NFBPA realizes its mission by linking public, private and academic institutions to promote communication and professional advancement among Blacks in the public service. The NFBPA provides training in critical management areas and identifies and grooms young blacks to foster exposure in the public service. It maintains an information bank on the nation’s Black public administrators thus easing networking and flow of information in the forum. It sponsors national and regional forums in which issues concerning Blacks are raised and discussed. The NFBPA has over 350 jurisdictions in 40 states (NFBPA, 2012).

Hayes (2002) claims that the NFBPA has established several programs to address challenges in public administration. The NFBPA runs four programs that respond to the needs of established and new public entities in the US. The NFBPA Center for Leadership Development is a program that equips learners with the necessary skills to affect the workplace positively. The Center intends to produce inspired, able, and ethically conscious leaders. Its core areas of training include Leadership Training and Professional Development, Scholarship Excellence, and Ideas in Action (NFBPA, 2012).

The Leadership Training and Professional Development target emerging, mid-career, and senior level public servants. The Scholarship and Excellence Program provides very competitive scholarships. The Forum University is aimed at offering interactive skills in career management and executive development. Beyond the classroom, ideas learned are put into action through meaningful work experiences. The Bridges Internship program provides an exceptional internship experience for gifted undergraduates and graduates who aspire to fly high in public management careers (NFBPA, 2012).

Collaboration and public advocacy methodologies within NFBPA

The NFBPA exploits strategic relationships to create collaboration between public administration leaders (Hayes, 2002). The NFBPA collaborates with other partners to expose emerging public administration professionals to new trends in the public administration career. The Illinois City/County Management Association (ILCMA) collaborates with the NFBPA Chicago chapter in a program called The Professional Mentoring and Networking Program (PMNP). The PMNP aims at developing training and networking opportunities for NFBPA Chicago Chapter members. Seasoned administrators in the public sector share their wisdom with the aim of helping members understand how to be prosperous in public administration. The PMNP offers the opportunity to network with senior public administrators in the Chicago area (ILCMA, 2012).

The NFBPA also convenes regularly. Its Board of Directors, Council of Presidents, NCAC and Board Committees hold meetings on a quarterly basis. The NFBPA also holds an annual Forum in the month of April (NFBPA, 2012). One summer meeting is held in Washington DC. The Forum attracts over 1,000 African American public officials. According to Hayes (2002), this conference is regarded as one of the most informative training events that public administrators should attend. The number of national experts featured makes it an intensive skills building and professional development exercise.

The NFBPA influences public policies through several channels, among them Corporate Advisory Councils. It has partnered with the National Corporate Advisory Council to create an arena for interacting with key decision makers. Through this partnership, NFBPA influences public policy making. Through the Tampa Bay Area Corporate Advisory Council, the NFBPA plays a role in policy formulation and execution as it is a member of the council. Membership in this council has facilitated the Chapter’s visibility and access to strategic government decision makers (NFBPA Tampa Bay Area, 2012).


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