Advanced Education in Computational Science

My main reason for choosing better and advanced education in a competitive field of study at LMU lies in the personal perspective of life. It also provides a special chance to engage character and intelligence to advance knowledge, especially in this era of computerization and technologically advancing platforms. Considering the current diversification in every field worldwide, everything seems to involve some change in technology and way of life as a measure to aggressively meeting the harsh economic experiences. Life depends on information technological panache such as internet technology.

Expertise consequently completely saturates current lifestyles. To computer scientists, technology is a useful tool for confronting future problems, thus their compulsion to accept and probe deeper in a critical manner.

As a student, I have had some rewarding and equally challenging experiences. One time I had to stand in partly as a human resource manager in a reputable company. The position focused on employee, personnel, and customer management, for instance, time management system. I had to engage different mechanisms to meet job specifications. The output requirements emphasized the need to enhance key business strategic plans through situational analysis.

The situation required analysis and delivery of reports on economic factors that influence business transactions. Since the company had advanced technology and a high focus on an automated HR department management, I involved some critical thinking and my general computer skills in deploying web-based technology analysis through database management. The tasks had an emphasis on one’s ability to discover findings as a key resource for the department, with the aim of obtaining future business predictions.

The technical, analytical, and critical concepts posed a big challenge; however, the encounters formed the basis for my managerial ability and goals today, which are to necessitate new and radical management strategies and practices by engaging the latest technological skills. The reactions to engage critical thinking also brought about other discoveries; for instance, extra intelligence and personal character are key characteristics that form the best strategic business associates who can ensure business advancement. People should learn to use garnered knowledge and skills for such a managerial role of intelligently measuring and gathering responses, reactions, or comments virtually through automated surveys.

Critical actions are inevitable, and the only essential strategies for any aspiring manager living in the 21st century. Everybody ought to understand that technology is here to stay. It offers the greatest opportunity for creativity and innovativeness, and it is a pillar to careers due to the wide range of lucrative choices. If one is able to critically engage future opportunities, there is no doubt that the need for advancement will constantly cause one to wait in anticipation for a better lifestyle since the outcome is impossible to predict.

Critical thinking gives one competitive advantage and great chances of gaining extra unique knowledge or skills, problem-solving tactics, and logical but intelligent thinking abilities. Integrating theoretical knowledge into the practical world also requires one to acquire a special character in solving tough multi-dimensional problems. This necessitates deep thoughts and sensitivity to quite a number of apprehensions.

Considering the general challenges, for one to make a positive difference in learning, there is a need to incorporate intelligence into the normal or current school challenges. Advancement calls for creativity and patience to deliver the required output. Some critical thinking formulas, therefore, assist one to integrate an individual’s flairs and imaginations into any field to make it better, interesting, and easier. Having participated in an excellent situation as a team leader, I acquired meaningful existence and interpersonal relationships. Challenges gave me a chance to engage some critical thinking, analysis, and thus change some aspects.

This was an assurance that our acquired skills have a close link to expectations. It was a learning experience that critical thinking presents the power to engage precarious advances, to meet a situation. Top leadership enables one to gain critical guidance skills to meet situational demands; therefore, a good leader has to make smart choices or decisions such as a change of strategies.

Life challenges will increase, but the biggest of them all is the ability to manage and accept advancement as the catalyst for positive change in society. Computation is a channel of information, which is very useful in solving most current and future challenges in all careers, but we must work in close reference to Martin Luther King, saying, “The true goal of education is intelligence and character.”

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