American Educational System’s Drawbacks and Solutions


In this research, I will examine kinds of scientific research that present the leading educational issues from their perspective, which will help me write qualitative research by analyzing pluralistic points of view. Moreover, I will try to illustrate the main drawbacks of the present educational system and provide possible explanations for such issues. Finally, I will demonstrate the eventual scope of the work to develop the pluralistic and democratic educational system.

Annotated Bibliography

Almagor, Lelac. “Standardized Testing Can Be Good—But Only If We Put Students First.” Boston Review, 10 Feb. 2020,

The author participated in a parent-teacher conference for the first time. He is a teacher who prepares tests specifically for his Common Core test students and redefines the test as a source of information. Surprisingly, parents were not expecting the disclosure of how much pressure is laid on their children. The whole article states not only the American educational system but also the specific disadvantages of the present testing process. This will allow for the investigation of the research for the redefinition of standardized testing.

Balf, Todd. “The Story Behind the SAT Overhaul.” The New York Times, 6 Mar. 2014,

The College Board president, David Coleman, and Director Lese Perlmen of MIT had an appointment in lower Manhattan. This is considered to be one of the most perspective education-matter meetings. In 2005, the college board raised the Sat from 1600 to 2400. Perlmen was full of criticism due to such actions: he coached 16 students to pass in the 90 percentiles after taking the test the second time. They had a 2-hour conversation, and it was like trying to turn around the titanic. This resource will undoubtedly help me comprehend the US educational system from one of the most recognizable representatives’ perspectives.

Gaddis, Gay. “The Truth About Standardized Testing in Texas – Texas Business Leadership Council.” Texas Leadership Business Council [Texas], 7 May 2021,

The new STAAR test system implementation in Texas is one of the most perspective insights in this state. More specifically, Staar exams for grades 3-8 and high school graduation exams. Consequently, students will be evaluated in the year of withdrawal instead of the previous three years. This is because legislators believe the end-of-year exams will be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Concerning the drawbacks of the overall system, it is important to define two main points that might help me to develop my fundamental base in the subject of educational constraints. They are time constraints due to preparing for tests and not for life situations and enormously high student testing standards, which kills the pluralistic assessment system.

Ruiz, Michael. “How to Combat America’s Creativity Crisis.” Greater Good, 27 Jan. 2017,

The author Michael Ruiz investigated the research by KH Kim, the scientist represented in the new book Creativity Challenge. Kim has tested the creative abilities of more than 270,000 children and adults. This will be demonstrated in my research paper, “Progressive society is gradually moving away from the values ​​that are the foundation of American creativity.” Kim noted with general thinking and spontaneity that they tend to think abstractly about specific details of the past.


However, in the future, the prevailing hegemony of the US, especially in everyday life, might be significantly changed. If the nation fails to go further, it is assumed that it will, therefore, go down, as there is no stable position in the world of development. If its developments, such as robots, follow the nation, then one day, robots will give direction to people (Hawley, 2021). Finally, if the tendency of creativity is lowering day by day, the main goal is to stop this negative tendency and try to rethink the fundamental basis of cutting-edge innovations. This idea will help me enforce the importance of developing the existing US educational system.

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