Aspects of Childhood Learning

I chose to review the article entitled “Observing, Planning, Guiding: How an Intentional Teacher Meets Standards through Play” to gain more knowledge on child care. The resource was written by Macdonald and published on the NAEYC website in 2018. The author starts by highlighting a scenario where a caregiver is looking after playful children who feel comfortable and happy to skip lunch for more play. Kris is peacefully interacting with groups performing different tasks where they all play and challenge each other calmly. The story reflects the importance of providing a friendly childhood environment to facilitate a quality learning process.

The article emphasizes the importance of interacting with children to become qualified teachers. I agree with the writer since once a caregiver interacts with children, they tend to become open with regards to personal and social matters. According to Macdonald (2018), engaging in children’s play helps to gain problem-solving skills, build knowledge, communication skills, and socialize. I agree with the author about the current education curriculum, which overloads children and teachers, leaving limited time for play. Teachers are assumed to be researchers who should create different playgrounds and extend learning practices. Teachers and caregivers are advised to intervene in children’s activities to help them connect to daily concepts.

In conclusion, I have learned that playful learning activities can help children and teachers exceed standards since they are properly engaged in activities. Broadening childhood activities is the main opener to effective learning, backed by guidance from the guardians. Macdonald confirms that it is not easy to maintain a child-centered environment, but professionals should apply their best techniques. Teachers must schedule activities, assess the learning process, and identify the developmental needs of children.


Macdonald, P. (2018). Observing, planning, guiding: How an intentional teacher meets standards through play. Young Children, Vol. 73, No. Web.

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