Aspects of the Humanities Studies

Hello, my name is…, I have decided to attend SNHU to complete my Bachelor of Business Administration in HR Management. I currently work for a commercial refrigeration manufacturing company as their HR Specialist and Safety Coordinator. I consider humanities studying as a perfect opportunity to broaden the horizons of my knowledge and develop critical thinking and analytical skills. Even though the world is conquered by STEM today, it is vital to understand that the innovations went this far only thanks to the liberal arts.

Humanities studies can help me to gain valuable experience and knowledge in different spheres of human life. In order to work efficiently in teams, even considering the technology-based specialties, humanities knowledge is essential in establishing good communication (Strauss, 2017). Humanities studies are valuable for me to learn more about society’s functioning. I plan to become an HR Manager; thereby, I need to analyze the past and present human relationships to manage their talents and skills rationally. Analyzing the insights of the humanities studies, I will gain the essential critical analysis skills based on the experience the disciplines provide. These skills are crucial to be applied in communication. As an HR manager, I need humanitarian knowledge to ensure high-quality resources distribution.

I believe that the humanities will allow me to learn more about the cultural aspects of human relationships. With the development of technology, the role of communication also increased. Humanities studies provide me with the opportunity to gain the skills and basic knowledge of efficient communication. In order to promote STEM further, people need to analyze past experiences (Gobble, 2019). I expect the course to provide basic knowledge in humanitarian disciplines to gain critical analysis, communication skills and broaden my erudition and understanding of social functioning.


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