Balancing Priorities Urgent Tasks


Urgent tasks are responsibilities, the specifics of which do not allow them to be postponed to a later time, such as the need to take a call or send an email. Important tasks are cases that do not require immediate decisions, but that contribute to achieving long-term goals. First, a student needs to manage urgent assignments, as they are vital to continue working on the rest (Walden University Career Services, 2014). Then there are important tasks that may be postponed and not completed at the moment. Everyone is used to determining the level of urgency subjectively. Therefore, it makes sense to trust the direct definition of urgent matters and be guided by the criteria of the importance of even the most critical tasks. For critical questions, a person should clearly define time in advance.

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Digital detox is when a person, due to fatigue from the continuous flow of information, stops using smartphones, tablets, and computers outside of work. Digital detox may be driven by a desire to take care of themselves and competently accomplish feelings of anxiety and stress, and engage in self-development (Cherry, 2020). For example, my “Walden Pond” can be a regular vacation. While on holiday, there is a possibility of choosing a place with no Internet access or where it is constrained. Besides, it is recommended to uninstall social media apps and messengers before the departure (Ghaffary, 2019). Individuals need to honestly answer why they should reduce the amount of time spent on the Internet. Perhaps, it is connected with the wish to free up time for better quality rest, or tiredness of unnecessary information. Moreover, it is vital to maintain mindfulness in all areas of life.


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I suggest to focus more on the second question – how do you sort through information and select the most important elements to consider? It might be useful to reflect on the balance between many urgent tasks and situations when there is no time for important ones. It will help analyze whether it affects the productivity of work, well-being, and time management.


The conducted research appeared to be highly informative. The only aspect that might be considered is how to integrate digital detox into everyday life. Digital fatigue is rife with the availability of smartphones. For example, I can suggest reflecting on this issue on different levels.


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