Canada’s Federal Budget for Educational Institutions

Primarily, one should identify the following critical points based on Morna Valentine’s speech. For example, her message’s central theme, statement, structure, and content are devoted to the federal budget and its key components. The speaker focuses on the available opportunities for particular educational institutions, prekindergarten workers, and young children in Canada (Canadian Child Care Federation CCCF-FCSGE, 2021). Many preschool organizations still lack sufficient funding from the government, and Morna hopes to defend the rights of employees to implement the best conditions for the upbringing and training of the more immature generation.

To date, appropriate measures are already being actively taken, and the “struggle for a better future” in the ECEC spectrum does not stop in each country’s territories. New rights, norms, standards, and laws are gradually being introduced; unique documents are being drawn up-regulating the distribution of funds for preschool education. These agreements state the obligations of each of the interested parties: the Government of Canada and the management of prekindergarten institutions. Therefore, this should create a better system for teaching and raising kids.

Unfortunately, Canada tends to determine prices for educational services that not every family can afford. Thus, money will be required to implement the primary ECEC set goals and objectives: accessibility of education, quality, efficiency, and productivity. Following this fact, it will be attempted to reduce parental fees by 50 percent (Canadian Child Care Federation CCCF-FCSGE, 2021). In addition, it is planned to introduce more than $34 billion into preschool education and child care. Each province will need to present responsibility for distributing every dollar since even the smallest amount could benefit. With the help of joint efforts, the current problems affecting aspects of ECEC can be resolved.

The management, control, and allocation of the budget to implement the program for the development and improvement of preschool institutions in Canada is the crucial idea covering the speech of Morna Valentine. In her message, she talks about unrealized opportunities and plans for the future concerning ECEC, simultaneously answering questions from her interlocutors and correcting their comments. The phenomena to which the speaker dedicated her speech should pave the beginning of a new path to forming a better future for educators, teachers, heads of particular organizations, and, most importantly, children.

According to Morna, preschool education and upbringing are undergoing social and economic issues, mainly concerning the quality, affordability, accessibility, equity, and leadership aspects. Such problems still cause particular concern among teachers since much of what is associated with early “schooling” contradicts learning effectiveness. For instance, the cases of access to excellent education are based on a “discriminatory attitude” towards a socially unprotected group of people, high cost, a small number of places, lack of physical accessibility, and quality programs. In this regard, it is necessary to take urgent and drastic measures to minimize and eradicate existing “ailments” in the sphere.

Morna Valentine suggests seeking help from the country’s government to obtain a specific budget and investments for the improvement and modernization of preschool institutions in the regions of Canada. A report on each dollar spent will be considered and recorded; the measures taken will create more comfortable conditions for educators, children, and their families. In addition, she aims to reduce parental fees to increase the level of accessibility of education for kids from low-income families. Consequently, it is necessary to direct all possible efforts to form new and improve and modernize existing projects on the organization and structure of the work of organizations.


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