Career Goals of Masters of Business Administration

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Business success depends on knowledge, skills, and resilience to endure hardship. Most programs in Masters of Business Administration (MBA) programs teach students to become conscious and responsible leaders who can manage interpersonal issues, adapt to a changing environment quickly, and have a long-term vision (Rubens et al. 2). Furthermore, constant global economic crises require young people to monitor the job market and adapt accordingly (Rubens et al. 4). Future managers should possess a set of characteristics to become influential leaders. Specifically, they should be emotionally intelligent, excellent communicators, and motivators; they also need to be good at problem-solving, conflict management, and strategic planning (Rubens et al. 8). Moreover, those who apply to MBA programs should have leadership experience and a clear understanding of their strength, weaknesses, and career goals. I am pursuing an MBA from the College of Business because my career goals to build my health coaching company require obtaining knowledge and skills taught in this program.

My short- and long-term goals revolve around building a successful health and fitness company in the future. I believe that self-interest and passion about the subject are critical in building a profitable business. Since I am interested in a healthy lifestyle and biohacking, I always wanted to help other people achieve better health by changing their habits. Therefore, I started to read more books and scientific articles about the influence of diet, physical activity, sleep, and mental health on disease progression and ways of prevention by altering lifestyle. After two years of self-experimentation, I developed an idea about starting a health-coaching company to share my knowledge with other people who need guidance and support. However, my knowledge and skills were not sufficient to build an independent firm. The MBA program at the College of Business provides practical and interactive learning, which, I believe, are the most valuable features for effective learning. Therefore, I decided to pursue this degree to gain confidence in leadership and administration.

Having the right skills and attitude is essential when applying to any program. Although I am not a born entrepreneur, I am a disciplined and emotionally strong person. Moreover, I developed three skills that make me an ideal candidate for this program. My first strength is excellent communication skills that I created by reading psychology and neuroscience books and applying that information in real life. Second, I possess emotional intelligence, which helps identify people’s emotions, which is a helpful quality for any leader. The third skill that I learned by reading Dale Carnegie’s books is motivating other people to perform well in our projects. Indeed, my most valuable lesson came from working on a diabetes project, where I realized the value of teamwork and learned to encourage every group member. I think these three skills are essential for building a team working hard to create a successful company. However, I want to learn more about strategic planning; therefore, I want to complete this MBA program.

To sum up, building a successful business demands extensive knowledge, leadership skills, and strength to endure the difficulties of entrepreneurship. After earning an MBA degree, my future career goal is to build a health coaching company to help other people gain better habits for disease prevention. Although I gained some skills necessary for a future leader, I still want to learn more about strategic planning in this program to create a profitable firm that will always provide value.

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