Accounting Career Path Overview

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My major career field is accounting, which I have chosen for particular reasons. First of all, when I was studying at school, I had no problems with mathematics. This subject appeared to be one of the most enjoyable classes for me. I could understand the new material with easiness and count large numbers without mistakes. In addition, I could work on a problem in algebra without significant effort. It seemed to me like an adventure, which requires me to apply a variety of methods and approaches to achieve the correct result in the end. Secondly, I enjoy performing duties, which involve a responsible attitude, and this aspect is essential while doing accounting. Thirdly, in the context of present-day developments, this occupation may be perspective in the long run, as it is highly likely not to be substituted by computers. Therefore, when I was choosing my career path, an accountant presented the best option for me.

Remembering my working experience, I may share one situation when my ethics were challenged. I was working as a waiter in a luxurious hotel, where all wealthy and famous people stayed. Once, one of the managers, who was my friend, intended to earn money by revealing private information about celebrities, who stayed at the hotel, and publishing photos of their everyday life. He insisted on collaborating with me in order to receive the data he needed. He threatened to dismiss me from my position in case of my refusal. However, I was not willing to participate in this illegal and unethical activity. For this reason, after a fruitless conversation with the manager, I chose to contact the administration on this issue and did not support the manager.

Occasionally, situations, when supervisors require to do something, which is not effective, happen. I do not perceive it as a serious problem, as people tend to make mistakes due to the lack of awareness or poor health conditions at the current moment (Lattice Team, 2019). Whether I am confident that I have enough knowledge and skills to find a more beneficial solution for the problem, I will attempt to conversate with the supervisor and share my perspective (Lattice Team, 2019). However, I am convinced that I should not insist on my opinion, as I should obey the requirements of the supervisor.

Once, I was required to encounter the necessity to make a decision under a significant amount of pressure. This situation appears to be a part of the aforementioned case. When I had to resist the intention of the manager to reveal some private information about the famous guest, I had a conversation with him. I attempted to persuade him against this activity, though my friend was not eager to change his mind. Moreover, he threatened to break our friendship, but I could identify his manipulation and resist it.

It is evident that there is a range of candidates for the position of accountant, and there are people, who are more educated than I am. However, I am convinced that these days, education is not always the key aspect of choosing an employee. The interest in the profession and personal qualities appear to be also influential. I believe that my candidature may be appropriate for this working position, as I enjoy my profession and am determined to develop myself in this field in the long run.


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