A College Degree as a Key to Success

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Many people would agree that a college education is necessary to become successful in the future. According to Leonhardt, an American columnist and journalist, “for all the struggles that many young graduates face, a four-year degree has probably never been more valuable.” In other words, getting an education is worth all the effort and feels like a reward. By acquiring a college degree, students develop professional and personal skills they otherwise would not have access to.

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College education provides more chances for a bright future and increases students’ opportunities to find a good job and build their careers. A higher degree is essential, and it has become a ticket to a better and secure life. Although some people consider education a waste of time and money, a college degree is actually a key to success because it provides graduates with more chances of getting a high income, having a good job and holding senior positions, and obtaining necessary professional skills.

To begin with, a college degree is an irreplaceable tool in obtaining a decent salary. A successful journalist Jennie Le states that having any higher education is a good investment for a promising future since well-paying jobs require a professional level of knowledge and certain skill sets that can be gained through a college degree. This statement proves the idea that in order to get paid well, one needs to be educated. According to the analysis of Labor Department statistics by the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, “Americans with four-year college degrees made 98 percent more an hour on average in 2013 than people without a degree” (Leonhardt). Therefore, to have more chances of making good money on a proper job, it is necessary to graduate first as people without a degree feel less financially stable.

Unfortunately, people lose their jobs every day, so it is crucial to be resistant to competition by proving one’s professionalism. Researchers note that typically, graduates feel more comfortable in the workplace as employees without a degree are usually the first to be fired (Le; Leonhardt). Hence, though uneducated persons may be extremely talented, managers usually need to see a degree. At the same time, employers prefer educated persons as they have the necessary skills and competencies gained at college. Therefore, such people are likely to be hired at higher positions, which also provide an opportunity to get good health insurance and retirement plans. Moreover, a college degree can open doors to specific jobs like engineering, nursing, law, and teaching. That is why degree holders generally have higher levels of both income and employment.

As mentioned above, college gives a combination of skills that are incredibly beneficial for workers. For example, researchers believe that graduates are more stress-resistant, ambitious, creative, honest, and well-spoken (Leonhardt). Undoubtedly, these characteristics are helpful for any employee. What is more, Le notices that college teaches them how to do voluminous work by the deadline, be independent, resolve conflicts, and be responsible for one’s responsibilities and mistakes. It is hard to disagree that without such skills, only a few people can stay in their positions. Finally, increased research and communication skills lead degree holders to better jobs.

Notwithstanding the facts mentioned above, some people consider higher education an unnecessary waste of time and money that is unlikely to lead to any benefits. According to Leonhardt, such persons argue that a college degree cannot guarantee a high income or a good position in the future, but spending significant amounts of money on education is necessary for most students. Indeed, it may be extremely expensive to go to college, but it can be one’s next step to success, and in the end, a degree usually pays for itself. Le also suggests that a college sets purpose and directions, helps most students in the future, and increases their motivation.

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In other words, if used correctly, and a graduate makes enough effort, a college degree will benefit people and their careers. Just think positive, surround yourself with successful people, and never stop achieving your goals, and education will be worth the money and time.

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