Financial Planner Career Prospects

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A few years ago, I started looking for a professional financier to give me some guidelines and ideas about financial planning shortly after the death of my husband. At the time I needed advice on how best to invest, save, and meet my financial obligations all at the same time which I was unable to. I consider myself very lucky for having met Ms. Smith who is a businessperson and a professional financial specialist who guided me through the financial problems that I was experiencing at the time.

Although I had very limited knowledge about issues of financial planning, Ms. Smith taught me several basic skills in financial management which was an experience that greatly appealed to me and steered me towards a career in the financial sector. It was during that period that I decided to pursue a career in the financial field to better manage my finances as well as assist other people with my skills, which is the reason that I decided to go back to school.


Ms. Smith began her career as a financial consultant in 2003 immediately after she retired from an international company as a logistic manager. According to Ms. Smith, financial planners are skilled professionals who help their clients to manage their money and achieve their desired goals through everyday planning, proper budgeting, a good saving scheme, and the use of reliable contingency plans. Ms. Smith’s motivation of pursuing a financial planning career was triggered by her great passion for working with figures and her desire to own and run a business of her own. In addition, her passion for running her own business was further driven by the freedom and independence of working alone in her own business that had the prospects of making her self-reliant as well as providing her with the flexibility of a working schedule that she was looking for.

As an established professional financial planner, Ms. Smith had some tips and recommendations for those people who wanted to venture into similar careers in the future. As such, she recommends a cheerful outlook and emphasizes the importance of pursuing relevant knowledge for those aspiring to be financial planners before they can start. For persons seeking employment in the sector, she encourages them to be more aggressive and persistent in their search for jobs since there is high competition in the industry. It is her opinion that work experience is relevant for one to become a successful financial consultant.

At the same time, Ms. Smith explains that the industry is becoming less appealing to upcoming professionals who might find it hectic working in this field due to reduced business opportunities that have been decreasing over the years. Nevertheless, she adds that regardless of the prevailing situation this should not discourage any individual who is keen to make a mark as professionals in this industry. This is because many established financial companies are quitting an advisory job to start their own business and therefore opportunities are opening up every day.

Ms. Smith’s best experience in this profession is the constant challenges and job flexibility that fits perfectly with her lifestyle now that she had already retired.

Despite this, she is disappointed with the level of hustle and aggressiveness that are needed in this industry before one can succeed in this industry especially when one is not young anymore and full of energy. She laments how the job is demanding as it requires more personal sacrifices while the frustrations are overwhelming as one finds it hard to balance between work and personal lifestyle.

According to Ms. Smith success does not come easily. In fact, her business named “Smith Financial Planning” was started during a recession; a fact that she mentions just to demonstrate the resolve that is needed in starting a business. She states that it was a tough experience that involved a lot of costs in setting up the business. As a result, the business grew at a slow rate initially but eventually, the fruits of arduous work paid off and since then the business has been profitable ever, and today, she enjoys being self-employed.

When I ask her the ideal characteristics of a financial planner, Ms. Smith says that she does not have a specific description of a good financial planner as it involves various attributes such as hardworking and persistence. In the years that she had been working as a financial planner, Ms. Smith has been able to successfully attain several certificates which include Series 6, Series 7, Series 63, Series 65, and she has also completed all courses required for one to sit a CFP exam.


After doing this interview I have concluded that financial planning is a lucrative business venture just like any other business. It is a very wide and flexible career which means it has many opportunities for someone to succeed. Young people should embrace the ideas of Ms. Smith and create self-employment in this career as it will reduce unemployment and spur economic growth. With the current advancement in technology, businesses are growing every day and we need more financial planners and advisors to help people manage and plan their businesses.

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