Career: Choosing the Right Job


Choice of career is a task most people have difficulty in performing. Right from high school, choosing subjects to favor desired disciplines is a challenge. With several graduate trainee programs offered by various companies in diverse fields for university graduates, picking up the right job has increasingly become difficult. There are several factors each with associated pros and cons to be considered and weighed out for which are more significant to an individual. Take for instance one offer from a globally respected multibillion-dollar corporation for which an individual is passionate about, although the co-workers are very difficult to cope up with, extremely unpleasant, and do not exhibit team spirit. How then does a person weigh this against a second opportunity from some so-so business that is somewhat likable with workmates who are greatly enjoyable? In both cases, the remuneration package is almost similar. While at a glance it seems easy and obvious to pick the job having people one likes since the salary is almost the same, actually, sensibility alone as a factor is insufficient in making such a choice. People should have a good understanding of why they are performing particular duties or specific jobs and make judgments based on the reasons.

Areas to consider in choosing a job

As previously stated, sensibility is a key value in job selection. These are personality traits, individual characters, and values that make a person have a good feeling amongst others. People are interested in knowing if their co-workers share the same sensibilities or whether they will have to zone out to get along in the course of duty. This is because sharing sensibilities amounts to workers of the same pace; that is, confrontations in difficult situations happen with the same intensity, same jokes are laughed at and with equal vigor at meetings, among other issues. These people are not alike; however, they often like one another (Burt, para. 3).

The second issue to check on is the challenges of the new job. Whether the job is likely to further build your skills and stretch your mind versus keeping you within the comfort zone. People feel ok picking up jobs where they are the best in the company, at least for a while. Eventually, the negative feelings of being the expert such as career stall and boredom set in. On the contrary, there is a risk in accepting a job opportunity that one cannot manage to handle effectively.

In addition to the above, it is right to think beyond the job itself as a potential employee-whether it will open or close your career doors. For example, some firms such as McKinsey, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnsons, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, among others have very high standards of hiring, and/or training programs that are highly respected in the market (Welch & Welch, para. 4). A career in these firms is likely to make one end up in many other lucrative organizations in his/her area of expertise. Jobs in thriving industries also keep individuals’ options open unlike say publishing or the airline industry. This however does not mean a person should accept any job offer at Genentech, but that reasonable thought should be given to the day after tomorrow in selecting a job.


Working and career choices together with the jobs we choose to do influence a lot in our lives. It is, therefore, necessary for a person to strive and make the right choice of job. A previously discussed, a lot do influence the job choices we make: opportunities, work environment, level of responsibility, location, job security among several other factors that affect the decision-making process. Individuals should never forget they do not live in isolation in this world, and the effects of whatever choices they make sometimes go beyond the job itself. A father may turn down a lifetime job opportunity to stay together with his young family.


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