The Challenges in Career Choice

Nowadays, young people face numerous challenges in their everyday lives. From the choices of clothes and friends to the preferences in education, there is a significant influence from other people. If some of these choices cannot influence the future life of modern youth, there are still options that represent a significant challenge to every student. The essential choice that people make in their younger years is their career path, and the mistakes in it can strongly affect one’s life.

Description of the problem

In the modern materialistic world, the measure of success in life is how much one can afford with the money he or she makes. This approach is widely popular among parents and relatives of present-day students. However, most young people do not consider financial constraints to be “a factor inhibiting them from pursuing a career of their choice” (Kazi & Akhlaq, 2017, p.194). They intend to pursue their dream careers instead of thinking solely about money. The problem is that young people’s characters are unstable, and they need to have some support from the people they trust to be confident in their choices.

The first people to provide this support are relatives, who wish the best for them, but lack information about modern society and its needs. The experience they rely on is based on the world situation in the years when it was their turn to make a career choice. Instead of helping to choose a career that is best for children, modern parents look up to what was well-paid in their time and thus limit the existing options. Therefore, the task is to provide students with up-to-date information on the newest professions and career paths so that they can make the right choice.

A possible solution to the problem

Even though the help from parents and other relatives is essential to young people who are at the beginning of their career path, there should be other reliable sources of information. I believe that, in addition to psychological training and tests conducted among students to reveal their preferences in the professional field, meetings with people who work in the newest professions would be helpful. Theoretical knowledge about a job does not provide a complete picture of all the benefits and challenges of it. Conversations with people experienced in new professional fields can make some students change their minds about the chosen path due to some unexpected conditions of the work.

Another solution to the problem is to find a way to inform parents of present-day students about changes in the professional sphere. The more information they have on the subject, the easier it would be to support their children and give them advice. I suppose that in this case, there would be a better understanding between parents and children. Parents would stop seeing their children as immature if they choose some of the newest existing professions, and the children, in turn, would be grateful for the advice they get from their parents.


One of the ways to make modern youth’s life more comfortable and facilitate the process of making critical choices in their lives is to help them find more common ground with their parents. Being experienced in life, parents tend to project their knowledge onto their children. I’m of the opinion that mutual understanding and cooperation would help young people find their way in the professional field and avoid depression for the possible wrong choices.


Kazi, A. S., & Akhlaq, A. (2017). Factors Affecting Students’ Career Choice. Journal of Research & Reflections in Education (JRRE), 11(2).

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