Perfect Transition From College to Career

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The transition from college to working life can be exciting and at the same time frustrating. This is the period that starts after students have graduated from their colleges or universities. Most of them go looking for jobs with their recently acquired certificates. The graduates are in most cases inexperienced and feel desperate. They can take any offer coming their way. They are desperate to secure jobs and start earning after a long life in college. One should be prepared mentally and physically to face any challenges that might come their way at their first workplace. The graduates are ready to get into the job market as either interns or employees. The following points highlight the transition from college to a career.

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Time management

The workplace demands good time management techniques and skills. Time for work or having lunch is already predetermined unlike in colleges, where one would sometimes dare skip classes and have a more flexible and convenient schedule.

It is also worth noting that one is given tasks to complete within a certain period. This at times requires one to work overtime to meet the strict deadlines. The main reason for this is that one is not used to doing some tasks within the set deadlines so it may take some time to get used to performing these tasks.

One should also forget about the long vacations that one used to have while in college. Employers are not happy with the long holidays of their employees. As a new employee, it may take some time before one is granted his or her first leave. As it has been mentioned, it might not belong as most employers give only one to two weeks off.

Lateness for work in many organizations is not tolerated. When a person is constantly late for his or her work, he or she will certainly suffer consequences, such as imposing severe fines or even his or her dismissal. One should, therefore, be a good time manager to avoid any misunderstandings with their employer/employers.

Professionalism at the workplace

The working world demands a corresponding level of professionalism. Your employer and fellow workmates will expect you to conduct yourself with some level of professionalism. One should always be motivated, hardworking, brilliant, articulate, and professional.

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The modern world also requires one to possess excellent team playing skills. This will come in handy when tasks are given to be completed in groups. One will be forced to work with people that are not within the same age bracket. What is more, they may have different diverse personalities.

Team playing is covered in most curriculums. The graduates are now expected to apply what they had learned in college to solve issues that they will face in the workplace.

The employees should be prepared to change their dressing styles. To maintain a high level of professionalism, graduates have to look presentable. Some organizations have a strict policy, concerning what a worker should wear while at the office. Others require that their workers put on uniforms. Therefore, one should be ready to adopt a more professional look.

It is also important to develop professional goals. This will make it easier to adapt quickly to any organization’s systems. The transition from college to a career will also be made easier and smoother.

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Build effective relationships

Most graduates are usually stuck in offices trying to meet strict deadlines that they are imposed by senior staff. Most of them are forced to miss lunch or leave work late just to make sure that the task assigned to them is completed within the allocated time.

However, an organization brings people to work together and achieve organizational goals. The same people are charged with the responsibility of running these organizations. One should make sure they build good relationships with fellow workmates. To become successful in any organization, it will require one to learn from the senior employees.

If a person is on good terms with their colleagues, they will be willing to always help such a person. So, it is advisable to develop a friendship with other workmates. The following are ways through which one can create good working relations:

Perfect your communication skills

The graduate should ensure that he or she communicates with all people in the organization. It is also important to learn the various methods to avoid any conflicts that might arise. To always respect one’s workmates is a must in a positive working environment.

Find a mentor

Look for senior and experienced employees who are willing to help you complete your tasks. It is important to follow their advice.

Be a team player

To complete any task while in the working environment, one should gain the support of other employees. One should be ready to involve others in their job and more importantly learn to share their success.


A graduate must attend the organization’s social meetings, both within the office and outside it. A person must learn not to limit himself or herself and also connect with employees from other organizations. One can always join various professional groups that will help one enlarge one’s knowledge about the chosen profession and career.

Take time to understand your organization’s culture

Different companies have different policies. It will be important to research and know more about the organization you are working for. These are some of the rules and regulations that govern the organization. There are also those rules that are unwritten. One should make sure they are conversant with both sets of rules. Adhering to these rules will help one in his or her pursuit to become a successful worker in the organization.

Most organizations want their new employees to adapt quickly to their policies, rules, and regulations. It is important to respect these rules and avoid breaking them because they form the culture of the organization.

The understanding protocol is also very important. A new employee should be able to know who he or she directly reports to. There are steps to be followed whenever one needs to report an issue in any organization.

Observation helps new employees learn about the organization’s culture. Many of these policies are not kept in written form and will depend on the new employee’s desire to learn and know them.

Learn to manage your finances

New employees in most companies are usually not well compensated. The new employee should learn how to distribute their salary. In college, most students are provided with pocket money by their parents or guardians.

There is also pressure from friends and family. Parents will not expect one to depend on them after graduation. On the other hand, friends will expect little favors with little knowledge though that your finances are strained. One would also want to buy a better car and live in a better house. By trial and error, a graduate will learn to consider the most important things, like food and shelter, to spend their money on primarily.

One should avoid rushing to acquire loans and mortgages. Get to know the logistics of this. One should take one step at a time. This will ensure a person does not make mistakes that he or she will end up regretting.

Also, a graduate must learn to be independent and avoid any kind of pressure. It is important to understand that the social status of one’s workmates is different from your own. They will go to expensive joints for lunch which you might find expensive. You should avoid being dragged into this.

This, however, does not mean that a graduate cannot have some fun with his or her friends. All work and no play will make one dull. One should occasionally join fellow workmates in activities outside the office. This will help one bond with them and will have a positive effect on his or her professional growth.


It will take time to get used to the working environment. There are a lot of disparities between working life and college life, being one of the most crucial stages in life. Everyone strives to be successful and it will depend on how well the employee adapts to working life. New employees should be willing to learn from other employees that have been with the company for a long time. They have the necessary knowledge that will help them be successful in their time in the organization.

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