The Career Exploration in Producers Midstream Management


The accounting education received mostly provides two career directions: public and private. Almost all vacancies offered on the market can be categorized into these categories. There is a clear distinction between the two, as personal accountants can be portrayed as “external,” while private professionals are more likely to be “internal” (“Public vs. Private Accounting,” n.d.). The main difference is who exactly the work is done for, whether the accountant serves a particular company’s private interests or a wide range of clients. The latter option assumes performance in many different industries and specialties.

From this point of view, private work is a more exciting and promising option. Concentration on one company’s business allows delving into any activity field, acquiring specific skills in it, which are usually quite highly valued. While a public accountant is forced to work superficially with many different industries, private accountants are highly qualified specialists. The purpose of this paper is to review a vacancy from Producers Midstream Management and analyze its benefits from different perspectives.


One of the first and most important parameters to consider when choosing a job is the company’s office location. If getting a job involves moving, it is necessary to weigh several elements that will assess the place’s attractiveness. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the environment, including climate, cultural characteristics, and opportunities. The position offered by Producers Midstream is based in Dallas, Texas (“Private Accounting Jobs,” 2020). This place’s geographical location suggests relatively high temperatures; however, this factor is advantageous since I can easily endure the heat. Besides, Dallas is the county seat, which means it is home to many cultural and entertainment centers. The city is distinguished by a river and lakes, landscaped with the adjacent park areas. Although the population of Dallas predominantly lives in numerous suburbs, it compares favorably in technological terms. Thus, Dallas’s vacancy has become my choice, considering all of its benefits regarding location and opportunities.


Moving to another city because of work is always combined with additional expenses, which are sometimes made up by the company itself. Unfortunately, Producers Midstream does not directly determine such payments, limiting itself to the general phrase about providing work bonuses in their vacancy (“Private Accounting Jobs,” 2020). However, for me, relocation compensation is not that important for several reasons. Firstly, given that this job is my first, I am ready to make certain concessions. Secondly, I like Dallas as a city, which also plays in favor of choosing the location. I am impressed by the cultural characteristics of both this region and the company in general. Therefore, I am ready to sacrifice a certain number of advantages in exchange for future benefits. Finally, it is worth considering the factor of the flaring up the epidemic of COVID-19, which imposes its conditions on getting a job. Due to the coronavirus’s spread, employees are temporarily working from home, which means there is no need for an urgent transit to Dallas.

Opportunity for Advancement

Applying for a position after graduating from university is often associated with the desire to find a stable job that will provide a person with earnings for many years. From this point of view, the vacancy provided, given the company’s size and the specificity of the position itself, can be a reasonable basis for future career growth (“Private Accounting Jobs,” 2020). According to the company’s official website, Producers Midstream has over 70 years of experience in their field (“Producers Midstream,” n.d.). A corporation of this size can be considered reliable enough to be trusted to continue its career. Besides, the administration is committed to providing all necessary training to fulfill its work obligations successfully. However, personally, such conditions are not the top priority when choosing a job. Having a stable job is good, but it interferes with further self-development, so I do not plan to stay in one workplace for a long time.


Work culture is just as influential as a priority to consider as anything else. This category describes the working environment in terms of the firm’s practices of interests, traditions, and team values. Producers Midstream describes the enterprise’s culture as innovative, people-centered, and team-oriented (“Producers Midstream,” 2020). Simultaneously, they welcome applicants with such traits as reliability, attention to detail, and the ability to work autonomously. The combination of these qualities and traditions coincides with my interests, so this company’s culture suits me completely. However, I can adapt to most working conditions, so in general search, culture’s criterion is not determinative.


Self-development is impossible without the presence of any challenge, any problematic situations. In this case, the Producers Midstream vacancy is a rather exciting offer related to a new, not yet familiar, but curious industry for me. The company’s innovative focus assumes some risk reflected in all areas of work, including the accounting report (“Producers Midstream,” 2020). So this job is a challenge that I’m curious to overcome. Since I believe that a person must continuously reach new heights in the striving for self-development, this factor is quite essential for me. The combination of relocation, unknown industry, and the company’s ability to make risky decisions is one of the criteria that I prioritize when looking for a job.


Attributes Weighting%
Location 30%
Compensation 10%
Opportunity for Advancement 10%
Culture 20%
Challenge 30%
Total 100%
Expected first year annual compensation $30,000
Expected per travel first year 15%

Vacancy at Producers Midstream

Producers Midstream Management LLC; Dallas, TX 75201•Temporarily remote

Job details

  • Salary: $65,000 – $75,000 a year
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Benefits:
    • 401(k)
    • 401(k) Matching
    • Dental Insurance
    • Disability Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Paid Time Off
    • Vision Insurance

Full Job Description

Producers Midstream Management LLC is a private equity back midstream service provider based in Dallas, TX. We are looking for an entry level Accountant with a CPA license to work at the headquarters located in the Uptown area of Dallas. The office environment is casual and team focused. During the COVID-19 pandemic, employees are working in shifts at the office and working from home. Protocols are in place for employee safety.


Responsible for day-to-day accounting and financial operations and assisting same. Activities to include: accounts payable, general ledger accounting, monthly close, multiple company, financial reporting, assisting with annual audit, fixed asset tracking and cash management.

Duties and Responsibilities

Essential and other important responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Maintain the general ledger.
  • Timely payment of invoices, coding of invoices, set up of new accounts, vendor management, reconcile accounts and close monthly books.
  • Verify payment of invoices associated with accounts payable and ensure payments are charged to the appropriate account.
  • Monthly reconciliation of accounts, verify deposits and address inquiries from bank.
  • Prepare periodic balance sheets, cash flow reports and other financial reports.
  • Year-end preparation of 1099s and other related tax forms.
  • Maintain active CPA License.
  • Work assigned shift and be available for overtime if needed.
  • Travel as needed for business (minimal).
  • Perform related duties and responsibilities as required and other duties as assigned.
  • Comply with all internal, state and federal regulations.
  • Comply with company policies.
  • Maintain honest, respectful and effective internal and external working relationships.
  • Complete all training as directed by management.


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