Ideal Career: Director of Employee Benefits


The ideal career for me is director of employee benefits. It is a person who “plans and directs the overall design, implementation, communication, and administration of the organization’s health and welfare benefits programs” (“Benefits Director,” 2020, para. 1). My imaginary manager is a senior executive in their 40s. He or she is an efficient worker, but old-fashioned. The company I would work for is an organization that provides business services.

Job Requirements

There are several qualifications as well as work experience needed to become a director of employee benefits. If one wants to get this position, they must have at least five years of managerial background, but more than ten years in the field is preferred (“Benefits Director,” 2020). Usually, a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree of specialty is also required (“Benefits Director,” 2020). Moreover, candidates for employee benefits programs director must have in-depth knowledge of management functions and departmental sub-functions.

Director of Employee Benefits and Levels of Expectancy

I expect that working in the position of director of employee benefits would allow me to fully develop not only already acquired managerial skills but also new ones. I believe that it would bring my performance to almost perfection. Achieving the perfect balance between the organization’s resources and employees’ desires and developing my employee benefits provision program would be the outcomes of the highest valence for me.

Equity and Inequity in Relation to Director of Employee Benefits

I expect my manager to respect my race, gender, religious beliefs, educational background, and previous career achievements. I also expect them to pay according to the terms of the contract. If I experienced inequality in pay, I would require the Human Resource department to perform a Pay Equity Audit. According to Barnard-Bahn (2020), “a PEA involves comparing the pay of employees doing “like for like” work in an organization,… and investigating the causes of any pay differences that cannot be justified” (para. 6). Put differently, it is an effective method of revealing payment inequities.

Personal Objective and Expectations from Manager

It is safe to say that any employee benefits program director’s final goal is to meet the needs of employees in accordance with the capabilities of the company and government regulations. The company’s performance, which is significant for the leaders of the organization, largely depends on the well-being of employees and their confidence in the future. As noted above, it is the main objective for me as well. Moreover, I expect my manager to support me in establishing communication between me, the work team, and other top management members.

Diversity Management

The world continues to globalize not only in terms of cultures, art, and populations but also in terms of business. Nowadays, it needs to develop or adopt a diversity policy for a company to be successful and competitive. It can be said that it is the key to a positive workplace environment today. I believe that a set of skills my manager would need to learn is diversity management.


This work describes an imaginary situation about an ideal career as well as answers several questions. The most crucial element of my dream career, I consider the uniqueness of the position of director of employee benefits, namely, that it is the unifying link between the organization, employees, and the state. I expect from my leader that he or she would be a guide for me who would introduce me to all aspects of the company’s internal culture.


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