Suggestion a Job of a General Office Clerk


The client’s name is Lariesha Wilson, who is single and is of 23 years of age. She does not suffer from any physical or psychological disability, does not use drugs, and is not under any medication. Lariesha indicates that she faces difficulty in reading and remembering. She usually forgets what she reads afterward due to poor memory which is a learning disability. She has just received a college degree, but she has never been employed before.

Most developed skills/behaviors from assessment results

  1. Able to get along with people and respects authority
  2. Dependable
  3. Assertive as she always wants to finish any project she starts

Least developed skills/behaviors from assessment results

  1. Difficulty in reading
  2. Poor at recalling information


The client has requested our services so that I could help her in choosing, finding and keeping a job. She will have to fill in a vocational rehabilitation form and an employment readiness questionnaire. The recommendation will match the client’s abilities with a suitable job. Her enrollment in the program will help me identify the vocational rehabilitation services that are available to her. My role is to assess Lariesha and help her benefit from the program. It is my responsibility to recommend a job that would fit her, regardless of her disability. The client is ready for a 30-hour week employment in a supervised setting. She does not want to work with machinery and prefers an environment involving interaction with other employees.

Short-term goals: Engage Lariesha in training for around one month for the job role

Long-term goals: Upon successful completion of the training, Lariesha should have her own working area in the workplace.

Overall Test Results

Measures used

  • Behavioral test
  • Cognitive test

Behavior during assessment

Attitude toward the evaluator: The client was friendly throughout the assessment.

Attitude toward the assessment situation: The client was interested in the assessment and was open in her responses

Attitude toward self: The client was relaxed and confident.

Reaction to failure: The client was calm. She is confident and has high self-esteem

Reaction to praise: The client is humble and accepts praise gracefully.

Assessment results

  • The behavioral test indicates that the client is calm and can work under pressure.
  • The cognitive test shows that the client has learning difficulties as she has trouble reading and remembering.


  •  To improve her career and life standards.


  • Honesty
  • Respect


  • Social

Transferable skills:

  • Personal organization skill
  • Driving skills


Despite having a learning disability, the client can fit in several working environments with ease. I suggest for the client the job of a general office clerk, who performs basic administrative tasks such as answering phone calls, filling and typing documents, or sorting mail. Most of such responsibilities do not compel a person to recall many details because they are routine tasks (Indeed for Employers, n.d). An average employee will be able to do this type of work with little training from employer in less than a month. Lariesha fits the role of a clerk because of her skills and educational level. In the employee readiness scale, the client indicated that she would not prefer working around machinery. Hence, she will need to work in an environment which is calm. Although she has a driving license, I cannot recommend her the job of a a driver because she does not prefer working with machines. The client is organized and can therefore fit perfectly in an office setting. She respects those in authority and interacts with others without challenges.


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