Career Path: Software Development

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The world today is referred to as a digital village. Technology defines virtually everything around human beings in the 21st century. Since the technology boom of the early ’90s, more veteran companies and successful startups such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have invested heavily in research and development. Technology is fast changing in the face of a more informed and demanding consumer base.

Many technology companies are always hiring new and innovative computer science graduates to work as programmers and software developers for their corporations. With new entrants into the technology market such as Samsung, it is highly unlikely that there will be a shortage of computer programming jobs in the medium run.

While the technology field is diverse, one of the most fascinating careers that any young person can take is software development. It is important to note that this is one of the fields that people with a computer science background can easily fit in.

Software development

As mentioned earlier, software development is my preferred career. For one to be a software engineer or developer, a lot of input is needed as far as education is concerned. Generally, computer software engineering applies complex mathematical and scientific principles to design specific systems and applications. As such one needs at least a bachelor’s degree with specific proficiency in mathematics especially calculus and linear algebra. Physics is also a requirement for one to be an accomplished software developer. It is important to note that the above educational requirements are only possible if one gets a strong foundation of high school education.

One of the reasons why being a software developer is attractive is the remuneration that comes with it. According to Yahoo Finance, the median mid-career pay for a computer science graduate is $97,900 while the median starting salary is $56,600. This excludes the other benefits that come along with the job. Remuneration rises significantly with accumulated experience and furthering of education.

One of the critical traits of a successful career is the versatility associated with it. While some careers such as architecture and engineering are well paying, they have little or no versatility. Graduates in architecture and engineering can hardly maneuver outside or within their trade. However, computer science presents one with a versatile field where one can easily fit in as a programmer, software developer, or software engineer and any other computer jobs that are associated with technology companies. Besides, venturing into private practice with a computer science degree is easier and requires a relatively small capital. All one needs are the basic requirements of a computer, software, and creativity.


It will be unrealistic to insinuate that software development or any other career associated with computer science is without its demerits. One has to contend with the competition of the high number of qualified graduates that come out of college every year and the experienced personnel that are changing jobs every often. Software development as a career requires hard work without which, career progress is not assured. It is important to emphasize that every professional is suitable for a job in the market so long as he or she is qualified. However, the current situation regarding technology, human needs, and the need for better remuneration puts computer science professionals in the prime position as my career of choice.

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