Career Paths Analysis of School Counselor

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The job of school counselors and career advisors is related to psychology. The key responsibilities of such counselors include the development, implementation, and management of guidance programs; counseling of students individually, in small groups and classroom settings; assistance of students in the creation of an academic plan, choosing of college and future career paths; helping students to overcome difficult situations within the family such as divorce or death of relatives; recording and monitoring of the progress made by students to ensure the effectiveness of counseling (National Louis University, n.d.). The prerequisite to getting a school counselor’s job is a master’s degree in education or counseling. The primary work industry of school counselors is educational facilities such as public or private schools and universities.

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In this field of work, the understanding of psychology is essential, especially emotional intelligence – the key to the comprehension of motivations and emotional image of the students, which will contribute to their encouragement and personal development. Furthermore, various aspects of the job require self-awareness to better interact with students with different personalities. The understanding of personal emotional limits and capabilities and the way to empathize with others would aid the counselor in the provision of individual and realistic solutions to students.

Social awareness and conflict resolution are essential to interpret verbal and nonverbal communication. This is essential because, during counseling, the control over emotions and behavior would allow communication without intimidation or punishing the students. It is essential for counselors to be aware of cultural differences and respect them and avoid words and actions that might be considered disrespectful. These skills allow effective problem solving by understanding others and responding to their needs. Finally, ethical judgment and empathy are crucial as the main job of counselors is to provide assistance to the students in the development of academic and social skills. It is imperative for the counselor to respect and understand the psychological and emotional needs of the students despite the associated challenges. Moreover, as counselors aim to direct the career paths of the students, it is necessary to have ethical judgment in order to assess the students’ values and priorities to assist in making a good decision.


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