First Day at Work Recommendations

On the first working day, it is vital for a new employee to look not only formally correct but also to fit the company’s dress code in which they are going to work. Therefore, it would be helpful to know in advance how the employees of the status corresponding to the employee dress not to look different from their background. One needs to attract attention with a positive attitude and the right approach, but not with bright or overly luxurious clothes.

One should not hesitate to ask colleagues questions on the first day of work. It is important to remember that each of your colleagues has already been in your place at some point, so they will easily enter your position. Questions should be asked about everything that raises the slightest doubt. This is necessary to avoid liability in the event of a mistake made by ignorance. Perhaps, to integrate into the team, the newcomer will be assigned a curator, and all questions can be addressed to them. In case a newcomer lacks experience in a previous job, it would be helpful to ask a senior employee to explain the operation principle step by step (Cain, 2018). From the outside, the vulnerable sides of the new employee will be more noticeable, and it is easier to note and fix them immediately for a more experienced employee. It makes sense to contact the employee who was the last newcomer before that, as they better remember the nuances and difficulties in this job.

There are many ways to get to know one’s colleagues and find a friendly approach to one’s relationship with them. First of all, one needs to be always friendly and smiling since a smile automatically removes the possibility of tension between unfamiliar interlocutors (Bissett, 2018). Diligence and responsiveness, and the initiative to stay in the hours after work, all demonstrate an employee who is ready to work in a team. Going to a joint lunch is a great way to get to know the colleagues better, to get to know them as friends and not just workmates.

A friendly and inquisitive approach is fundamental to making a good first impression at work. The employee’s desire to learn new things and improve their skills should be demonstrated to everyone around them. However, one should not forget that excessive initiative and desire to show their exceptional talents can be perceived as selfishness by both employees and superiors. You should not bother your superiors by regularly asking them to evaluate their work. This will be misinterpreted by the bosses as a desire to outshine other employees with their persona and quarrel with future colleagues. A worker who wants to stand out from the team, and not join it, in essence, is not a necessary and useful employee.

Thus, first of all, a competently built attitude to one’s work and employees should become the basis for a successful merger with the team. The employee should demonstrate his direct interest and desire to help in every possible way but should not be unnecessarily annoying or noticed by his superiors. A newcomer should perceive their colleagues as friends but prioritize work ethic above friendship. Awareness of one’s position, optimism, and a desire to function most practically should provide a new employee with successful interaction with employees and bosses.


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