Future Career Aspects Overview

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Assessing different aspects of the future profession is an essential aspect of preparing for the upcoming career and its unique characteristics. The nursing career is characterized by numerous requirements, including both regulatory and ethical regulations, and the analysis of work in this industry requires evaluating a wide range of concepts and approaches. The English Composition class has helped me to better understand numerous conventions and aspects of my future nursing work. The current plans and discussions have allowed me to realize the diversity of practical and theoretical knowledge to apply in the forthcoming work and identify the main skills to focus on and develop.

The analysis of work perspectives discussed at collective meetings has given me an opportunity to understand many nuances of nursing work, in particular, the degree of responsibility for the activities and procedures performed. Relevant outlines compiling codes of conduct and rules included in the Code of Ethics have allowed me to highlight critical attainments to hone to provide comprehensive and skilled care. However, the primary sources have been the most useful for me, in particular, the interviews we have studied during the class sessions. Based on the experience of senior colleagues in the nursing industry, I have been able to understand what challenges young employees may face, what knowledge is important when working with patients of different profiles, and what staff documentation is. Discussing these aspects of my future career has been a crucial incentive for me to pay attention to my individual skills and talents and assess my personal professional suitability as objectively as possible.

Collective communication has also allowed me to broaden my understanding of the specifics of my future nursing career. Since each class member was able to express one’s vision of the existing issues and challenges, this was a factor in making sure that many of my peers had similar opinions and concerns. In particular, the peculiarities of interacting with complex cases, increased workload, high professional requirements, and some other nuances of working in this area have turned out to be frequent concerns. At the same time, at joint sessions, I obtained answers to many questions through general discussions, which made it easier to understand the materials covered and contributed to acquiring critical views on working aspects. Modern trends in nursing have become more understandable for me today, and the merits of the curriculum and research plans developed to help students are high in view of their relevant theoretical and practical recommendations. As a result, I have gained the knowledge of the terminology and basics to apply at the beginning of my upcoming career. Thus, this experience of collective communication is valuable for me as a productive knowledge-sharing and problem-solving mechanism.

When summing up the results of the English Composition class, I can note that the experience gained has become an important background for me. It has defined the scope of my professional interests in the near future and highlighted the basic skills and knowledge to pay attention to and develop. The aspects of nursing discussed both through educational materials and primary sources have allowed me to determine the main tasks to realize myself as a qualified employee. Therefore, I assess my participation in this class as positive and intend to continue learning more about the specifics of this crucial healthcare industry.

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