Career Essay: Educational Experience

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From my educational experience, I consider a college education an important element in the development of a person. For instance, tertiary learning prepares one to acquire advanced education in modeling their career path. It is, therefore, beneficial in granting students a professional job, offering the necessary information on workplace behavior, as well as providing financial freedom in meeting their daily monetary obligations. I aspire to work in the Department of Emergency Management as a federal agent. I believe this position will help me fulfill my expertise goal to provide the service of public safety to the larger community. To attain this position, however, I consider seeking an educational scholarship to help me address my current financial challenges in unlocking my career success. I am a 53-year-old single mother currently educating my teenage son, who is not entitled to any grant or supplementary scholarship, in a high school.

In my view, receiving an educational scholarship will help me attain my goals because I would be able to afford college. If successfully considered as a beneficiary of the support-based learning funds, I will meet the expenses of my education to ensure I complete my advanced learning needs. As a graduate student in the profession of law, I currently work on a full-time basis as a legal assistant in the office of the Social Security Disability. My previous professional engagements include voluntary participation as a Cub Scout leader where I was involved in writing newsletters and distributing them through mail to parents. I have also volunteered to work as an archery coach assistant in the department of youth organization as a member of the Sherriff’s Youth Activities League, additionally teaching as a catechist for 2 years. I believe my educational background is competitive enough and my present situation positions me as qualified in receiving school-based grants.

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