Change Theory in Academic Setting

Change theory is a description of how a particular intervention potentially leads to a desired outcome or goal. Within the framework of this theory, the long-term task is first identified, and then all the conditions that precede its completion are illustrated (Reinholz and Andrews, 2020). Thus, the theory shows how the implementation of change occurs in a particular context. As part of the integration and adoption of technologies, change theory should be used primarily to evaluate the best options. In particular, applying the theory, one can consider the existing factors and determine how suitable they are for the implementation of a particular technological solution. Additionally, when evaluating the situation, it is possible to develop a more appropriate option that would efficiently utilize all the established preconditions. It is also important that change theory helps in identifying existing constraints or barriers to change implementation.

The most evident example of how I personally and even professionally met the limitations for the implementation of changes is the lack of skills and knowledge to achieve a particular goal. As part of my development, I cannot currently count on high management positions in any organization. Within the framework of change theory, this is explained by the fact that I do not have a precondition in the form of extensive experience and management skills. These conditions are an obstacle to change, which can be identified by analyzing the context.

In an academic setting, change theory can be applied to identify conditions for the transformation of an education or research system. For the academic context, it is important to consider all the preconditions that currently do not allow to achieve the best quality of education. Change theory in this situation can point to aspects that hinder the effective implementation of technologies. Additionally, the theory can be utilized to find better technological options.


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