Creating Artifact. LIBS Standards

As for the LIBS standards, the paper required thorough investigation of the resources, and finding necessary references. In LIBS 6972 the investigation was held in accordance with the requirements of the bibliography creation.

All the found sources were thoroughly analyzed, and the necessary selected on the basis of the novelty, reliability, and completeness of the information. The paper analyzes the perceptions of school principals on the role of a media specialist using the paper “Information Power, the Principal, and the Library Media Specialist” by Pamela Pritchett published in 1991. This provides an evolution of the media specialist, from the librarian to a consultant of teachers, administrators and students, as well as a teacher himself or herself. Consequently, the LIBS 6972 are represented in the extensive research of the corresponding literature.

Creating Artifact

In creating the artifact of the course, the groups of students and school media workers were attracted. The questionnaires were elaborated in order to get to know the necessary information, and hold a survey among students. The questionnaire is represented in the paper, and the results will be available after arranging the survey through the libraries. The teachers will also be asked, although not extensively and without the need for hard evidence such as report card grades or results of written or oral examinations. The limitation has been imposed as there is a relative understanding as well as reflectivity of student participation and learning.

Recreating the Artifact

If there was the necessity to recreate the artifact, the first and the foremost that should be done in this case is the reviewing the researched literature, and re-interpreting the survey results. Originally, if the course artifact should be recreated, there is strong necessity to review the questionnaire, and amend it in accordance with the changed circumstances. The fact is that, the collaboration with Media Specialist, Teachers, and Administration is not a global matter, that is subjected to global changes, however, in any particular school this factor may change because of the personal factor of the staff, and the overall atmosphere in a team.

What I Learned

Creating this artifact I learned to communicate with people a bit deeper than in the everyday communication, and to get the required information from them. Originally, the survey itself is just a formality, that should support the research. The real information may be got only by the means of personal communication. Unfortunately, it can not be applied as the result, however, it may be used in order to shape the general problem.

Moreover, the problem risen in the paper, is also rather useful, and further, it may be used as the recommendation for schools. This recommendation may help to improve the work of the media staff, and increase the effectiveness of the collaboration among media specialist, teachers, and school administration.


The creation of the artifact for the research paper is one of the most significant assignments. Consequently, all the requirements should be thoroughly accomplished. Initially, the artifact needs to be planned, and then carefully implemented. In spite of the strict requirements, it is necessary to think creatively, for the successful artifact.

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