Creating LinkedIn Account for Student Job Research

LinkedIn is a social media platform that focuses on professional networking and career development. It can offer numerous opportunities for students to get experience and knowledge of the industry field and future job-seeking. LinkedIn includes such useful features as profile creation, a research tool, and groups for convenient job-hunting and recruiting. Due to these features, creating a LinkedIn account and researching the working field can be advised to any student.

LinkedIn is an international tool for job-seeking and developing a career with millions of companies and job offers. Like any other social network platform, it can be used for online communication and brand marketing (Geoghan 392). The platform introduces many essential features for convenient business networking. The profile includes the most important information about the user, making it easy to learn about a candidate or recruiter (López-Carril et al. 3). The search tool LinkedIn provides an excellent industry research opportunity. LinkedIn groups enable discussions between graduates and professionals of the same field, helping expand the knowledge of the working field (López-Carril et al. 3). The feature of following a company can be used to research an organization and the people working for it. All these features serve as a great advantage for LinkedIn users in job-seeking and recruiting.

Having a LinkedIn account can be considered necessary for anybody in today’s world. Millions of companies worldwide use LinkedIn to view and recruit candidates. The ability to consider a job or a new employee before the interview even begins saves much time. Especially with the spread of the global pandemic, being able to research job opportunities without leaving the house is incredibly convenient. As such, taking into consideration the platform’s international use and popularity among companies, LinkedIn is irreplaceable in this day and age.

LinkedIn is an incredible research tool for motivation and future job-seeking for a student. By having a LinkedIn account, students can begin the development of a professional career. Strengthening the connection between education and the professional industry, aiming at working in a particular company, can highly motivate a student to study (López-Carril et al. 2). Researching the working field and preparing for employment before graduation is beneficial to any student.

Personally, the use of LinkedIn has broadened my understanding of the working field and motivated me to continue my education. While browsing through possible job offers and researching their wages and requirements, I can consider my future job possibilities. Locating a suitable position motivates me to work harder on my education. With LinkedIn’s groups feature, I can read through interesting and valuable discussions and ask job-related questions. I consider LinkedIn a great social network for job-seeking and professional research.

Consequently, making a LinkedIn account can be recommended to fellow students. School curriculum can boost students’ future career paths by including a course on LinkedIn introduction alongside lectures and guidelines for proper job-seeking. Sharing the results of industry research with fellow students is a great way to increase knowledge and acquire new connections. Promoting the use of a convenient research tool that LinkedIn provides can expand students’ job opportunities.

LinkedIn is a social network platform with convenient features for job-seeking and recruiting that can be recommended to any student. By using the research tool, profile creation, and groups, students can begin preparing for their future careers and expand their knowledge about the professional industry. Promoting the use of LinkedIn and adding a LinkedIn course to a school curriculum has the ability to expand job opportunities and significantly boost students’ careers.

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