Description Pattern of Essay Development

Most academic essays have a well-defined structure that a learner can follow and understand what the writer is talking about. A good development pattern comprises an executive summary that leads to the introduction, followed by a thesis statement, a body, and a conclusion. Essays are also composed of a unit of support and topic sentences that make up the body. The unit and topic sentences are ordered logically to support the essay’s thesis (Budiyono, 2020). When developing essays, description patterns of development guide scholars in shaping essays or paragraphs and sorting information.

Description patterns of essay development are more effective when one knows the purpose and the target audience. Examples of description patterns of development include cause and effect in which the writer details why something happened, what caused it, the effects accompanied by the occurrence, and its relation to another phenomenon. The writer details a confident phenomenon such as floods and accounts for the cause of flooding in a particular area and later describes its effects on the environment and people around.

Comparison and contrast compare two or more things with their similarities and later cite the differences between those ideas. In comparison and contrast, an individual is forced to choose two subjects that connect in a meaningful way. For example, one can choose between Toyota and Nissan sport utility vehicle and try to illuminate subtle differences or, at some point, unexpected similarities. One can compare the similarity in the number of passengers the vehicle can accommodate and later give the differences in areas such as comfortability. In a description essay, a scene is explained from the beginning to the end with a prose account of the events and how they took place chronologically. In so doing, the reader can follow what happened without missing crucial details.


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