Tips for Acquiring the Skills of Writing

Writing involves communication of ideas using structured sentences in a readable manner. In my writing, I employ good fundamental writing habits, including organizing, raising essential issues, and constructing persuasive arguments. I build it by having an effective and sound organization with clear sentences. I usually choose a quiet place as this helps trigger deep thinking, which supports my creativity when writing. Before I begin, I regularly have a draft and I accomplish this by brainstorming, taking notes, and researching for information in books. Good content requires patience and time to create essential ideas for meaningful and captivating ideas to the readers.

My writing skills this term have influenced and shaped me as an upcoming writer. I have learned important things and how to meet my goals and deadline to succeed in my studies. This term has also made me know the importance of reading widely on various topics, including fiction and non-fiction literature to have an extensive knowledge and writing expertise. Moreover, I have experimented with new formats and structures, which have enabled me to create exciting content. Besides, I have increased my learning on the importance of adaptability and appreciating feedbacks from readers of my work. Positive comments help me stay motivated, while the negative one enables me to improve my weak areas. I have also known the need to be concise in my writings, whereby I know how to communicate vital information on a topic using a few clear words.

Furthermore, I have been able to master critical skills, such as embracing research. This is a significant skill that has enabled me to improve on my creativity and advance on my sentence fluency. My writings have a good flow with various structures at a length that allow for smooth reading. Improvement in my writing creativity has also been an important component and a strength. I can now create interesting contents and put down original ideas and connect them to my writing. In addition, I have depicted a great improvement in my word choices due to my creativity, hence improving my clarity. One area that I am working on is avoiding grammatical errors as this can make sentences have different meanings. I learn more sentence structure rules by paying close attention to comments from my instructor and peers. Besides, I constantly read various contents from top literature researchers and book writers across the world.

My course performance has significantly improved this term due to several strategies that I employed in my studies. Firstly, I had a good plan and constantly practiced my writing daily. This made me have a wide mastery of different contents and become organized in my studies. Secondly, I had a good time management plan and accomplished all my assignments per the deadline. In addition, I consulted my course instructors on the areas that I did not understand. Moreover, I learned from my peers by reading their works and responding to their writing, therefore improving my course knowledge. These factors played a great role in boosting my writing skills and improving my knowledge in the course. I learned the importance of practicing, researching, and consulting as they are essential in mastering concepts.

One thing to improve in the course is encouraging more meaningful discussions. This enables brainstorming sessions and more learning which aids in coming up with more creative concepts. The course was also interesting as we actively engaged and learned new writing ideas; the instructor was enthusiastic while teaching and wanted us to excel hence, enjoyed everything about this course.

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