Relation Between Truth and Science

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The Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health’s article “Intersectional Disparities Among Hispanic Groups in COVID-19 Outcomes” explores the impact of COVID-19 on different racial groups, specifically Hispanics. To obtain the data used in the study, the authors of the article turned to the Case Surveillance Task Force and Surveillance Review and Response Group (SRRG) and covered the period from April 5, 2020, to May 18, 2020, in the research (Poulson et al., 2020). Case status, race, age group, ethnicity, presence of comorbidities, hospitalization, the need for an intensive care unit and mechanical ventilation, and deaths from COVID-19 were used as selection criteria for cases. As a result, statistical analyses have shown the more severe consequences of the disease in Black Hispanics due to economic and cultural pressures.

In turn, ScienceDaily’s article “Black Hispanic individuals hardest hit by COVID-19” concerns the matters discussed in the study mentioned above. The article briefly overviews the data present in the research and observes the background of the situation with Hispanic minorities (Boston Medical Center, 2020). Namely, the article outlines the discriminatory factors that influence the discriminated people’s well-being during the pandemic. Thus, the article’s central topic is the research findings on Hispanics’ experience of the COVID-19.

The article ScienceDaily adequately conveys the essence of the original research questions and rather accurately presents the answers to them. The scientific data of the study were transmitted accurately and appropriately, taking into account the context of the news format, using evidence provided by the authors of the original article. However, the author of ScienceDaily misses some data that affect the whole perception of the information presented in the original. Namely, statistical data on non-Latin groups of the population was necessary for a complete understanding of the social problem of inequality. The news article adequately represents the study’s results to the general public, making it sufficiently informative and concise, accessible to numerous people.


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