The Tail of the Cursed Brain

In ancient times, there was a kingdom with its most prosperous and strong capital named Brain. There were three famous regions of the city called Brain: Cerebral Cortex, Hypothalamus, and Pituitary Gland. Their residents had lived happily in harmony until an evil witch, Dementia, cast a spell on their city so it could not connect with other regions. She did not like that the country dwellers were always in a good mood and relaxed.

As the roads were blocked to other cities like GI Tract or Sensations, Serotonina from Brain city could not visit them. As a result, the Human Kingdom became very depressed and stressed. People in Tongue city could not feel any sweet tastes of imported food from the outside, the night and day times switched their places, and the citizens were deprived of sleep (Coon & Mitterer, 2014). The cities became miserable as everybody lived in apathy and constant pain. The environment became very aggressive as Testosterone, situated from the family of Hormones, rose to power and instigated fights between the government and its people. As the witch weakened the forces of Testosterone’s brother, Oxytocin, the latter lost the battle and had to give up his domains to his older sibling. After that, the country lost its interest in any international activities and delegations.

Later, Hypothalamus’ people came down with a fever, and all the forests in the kingdom were on fire. The Left Hemisphere tried to stop the fire and commotion in the state, but her evil twin, the Right Hemisphere, tried to stop her (Mitchell, 2020). During their argument, the country’s emotions were out of control and resulted in dispute and anarchy. Other kingdoms stopped the relationship with the Human Kingdom, and it was left alone.

The witch reached her goal of weakening the country’s unity and positivity and decided to capture it. After hearing about her plan, the king ordered his knights to find a fairy who could help free the capital from the spell. The knights had to withstand the ever-changing weather due to chaos in Hypothalamus. The witch also tried to stop them and put many traps on their way. The knights, though, were able to find the enchanted forest where the kind fairy hid.

The fairy was eager to help as her friends also suffered from Brain’s curse. She told the knights she could make a magical potion which could break the spell and return the balance in the nervous and endocrine systems. It took her seven days and seven nights to create a healing potion. She put all her power into it and finished the task. It was the knights’ turn to deliver the tonic to the capital. Unluckily, they met Dementia’s minions who tried to steal the cure from the soldiers’ hands. One of the knights, Adrenaline, fought with bravery and crushed the enemies. Then, he rushed to Brain and delivered the potion safely to the king.

The king ordered the clouds from the Blood family to distribute the treatment to all regions of the kingdom and especially, Brain. The clouds quickly performed their task, and after some time, the raindrops of potion restored the balance. Serotonin could travel across the kingdom, and people were filled with joy and happiness. Oxytocin regained his powers, and the domain befriended the neighboring lands (Qin et al., 2018). The Hemispheres started to work together, and Testosterone came back to his old position as a guard. Lastly, the firefighters from Hypothalamus were able to put out the fire, and the weather became stable (Schlinger et al., 2018). After that, the witch did not return to the kingdom, and the habitants lived in a piece.


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