Making the World a Better Place to Live

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Not every person in the world is truly satisfied with what they are living because other people go through their day-to-day life in very harsh conditions which are very difficult to imagine that human beings can live in. There are those people who live in extreme poverty and affording one meal per day is an uphill task, which is sometimes impossible and they have to go without a meal the whole day. It is very painful to know that there are people in our community who in this century still can not get basic education, therefore remaining behind economically when other societies are developing. We also have other places where malnutrition, hunger, and starvation are very prevalent and most children do not live to see their fifth birthday. There are many problems that people especially the poor are facing, that can be solved if only human beings could come together and channel resources towards projects that serve everybody.

Steps to take

We can not live in this world as islands disregarding the others, because people need each other if the world is to be a place where everybody will want to stay. It is therefore each and everybody’s duty to make sure that they make the life of their neighbors as easy as possible, by reducing the problems people close to you are facing (Gabarino & Sigman, 2010). There are also various organizations that endeavor to pull resources together in a move to alleviate the problems that people face.

About world vision

World vision international is one of the organizations that are concerned with helping the poor to develop themselves economically, and also seeks justice for the oppressed in the society as well as ensuring that at least every child is able to access basic education (Pier et al., 2008). It works closely with various international organizations to ensure that those who are less fortunate in society get the help that will enable them to live a normal life, as well as spread Christianity to various parts of the world.

It affects to the world

The world vision is involved in emergency relief to victims of various calamities in the world when people have been stricken by these problems. It also has procedures for strategic initiatives and promotion of health care, as well as transformational development besides spreading Christianity. Every part of the world has natural resources which can help it in development if correctly managed and this is the idea behind the world vision which starts by making people and societies aware of the resources in their midst (pier et al., 2008). The people are then helped to use these resources in various development projects like health care, educational programs, agricultural production, water projects, and other programs which tend to alleviate the problems facing these specific communities thus making their future promising. It has been said that if we let people die of hunger then we are violating their basic human rights and therefore denying them justice. World Vision has in most cases involved itself in helping people who have been stricken by famine in various parts of the globe giving this person hope to continue with life. The backbone of all the problems facing humanity in the world is poverty and if a way is found to extricate people from poverty then all the other problems will have been solved and their lives made better, this is why world vision is concentrating on empowering people economically as much as it addresses the other problems. In order to make the world a better place where everybody will enjoy life, then the basic necessities must be afforded by all hence the reason why the world vision is concerned with the less privileged who cannot get basic needs (Bunker & Alban, 2006).


We should not assume that because maybe we have the economic means to survive then we are good to go because there are others who are facing difficult conditions to the extent that they barely survive. Economic growth is not moral if others still live in inhuman conditions hence we need to distribute these resources in a manner that will enable each person get at least what will make his or her life comfortable. Until this is done we will be living in a discriminatory environment where others stay happily while others suffer in an attempt to survive.


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