The Experience of Writing

Writing is a daunting task, which requires meticulously conception and arrangement of ideas in a coherent manner. The experience of writing composition was very challenging given that the writing process required critical analysis of a phenomenon, by presenting opposing arguments. Prior to undertaking the course, I thought writing was a simple activity, but the learning process made me understand that writing is a complex process. In this view, the course exceeded my expectation because it enhanced my understanding and gave me a new perspective of writing. Despite the fact that the course has enhanced my strengths of writing skills, it has also helped me understand my weaknesses. Therefore, the reflective essay describes my experience of writing throughout the course with a view of portraying my perception of the writing process.

The course did exceed my expectations because it has enhanced my ability to conceptualize arguments. At first instance, I thought the course was merely to improve writing skills, but it has expanded my scope of writing because of the enhanced ability to conceptualize ideas and present them in a well-organized format. The course enabled me to debate an issue by taking both sides, hence, giving me different perspectives of understanding issues. For instance, I was able to perceive the appropriateness and inappropriateness of tattoos in the workplace from different perspectives. In the organization of the arguments for and against tattoos in the workplace, for instance, I learned how to merge the two opposing arguments and formulate an expository essay. In essence, I have learned how to take sides and neutral positions in an argument.

My strengths of writing skills are the ability to conceptualize ideas, organize them, and formulate arguments. I can conceptualize ideas that are central to a given issue of interest. Given ideas are abstract, I have the ability to organize them coherently. I have the capacity to formulate an argument because I was able to formulate arguments for and against tattoos in the workplace. However, one weakness is that I still have some challenges in grammar. Another weakness is that I argue from a biased point of view owing to my prejudice and beliefs.

The surprises that I experienced throughout the course are that writing is like fine art, where the details matter most, and it requires the structuring of ideas and concepts in a logical and coherent manner. The quality of writing determines the weight of a response or argument presented in the Discussion Board. I was surprised to learn that Discussion Board allows real-time interaction among students with the guidance of an instructor. Moreover, I was surprised by the nature of the arguments and responses that my classmates posted. Some arguments and responses gave deep insights for they reflected advanced writing skills. Overall, the entire course was full of surprises, which expanded my scope in writing and conceptualization of ideas.

Analysis of the experience shows that my classmates played a central role in improving my writing skills because they challenged my arguments. The Discussion Board provided an interactive environment, which allowed me to interact with fellow students and instructors. The interaction was educative because I learned a lot from the ideas and experiences that my fellow students shared under the guidance of an instructor. Given that the assessment of the course entails the quality of arguments and the degree of engagement in the Discussion Board, the interaction with my classmates compelled me to conceptualize quality responses and remain active in the discussion.

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