An Assessment: Global Warming

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Assessments are an important task that readers need to undertake to accredit the authenticity of a particular piece of work. This paper aims to assess a particular piece of work to establish its authenticity. First, it is important to observe the use of language in the article. The paper does not have any grammar mistakes and the writer appears to have a good command of English. However, there are instances in the article when clarity receives lesser attention: some sentences in the article do not bring out the intended meaning.

In summarizing the paper, the writer has not only considered all the information that was important but also has included all the pieces in the document. It is important to note that the summary portrays smooth transitions from one idea to the other in such a way that the information appears to be in one piece. This shows a concrete understanding of the topic and good writings skills, which enable him/her to present information credibly. The writer is good at summarizing since he/she has included most of the aspects that are relevant as far as the topic is concerned.

Concerning the assumptions and ethical issues tackled in the article, it is clear that the student was oblivious of them. When writing a summary it is important that the writer understands and acknowledges the underlying assumptions. In the article, the student has not paid any attention to any of the underlying assumptions in the articles, and he has not assessed any of the ethical issues about the topic. In this sense, he has failed to acknowledge some of the information in the article at least in this paper.

In addition, it is important to remember that evidence plays a pivotal role in making any piece of work authentic. The writer seems to have ignored this fact and therefore, the better part of the work presents some unsubstantiated claims. An example is a fact that he gives no evidence that global warming exists or rather any sign of the problem as it is around the globe. In this case, he has failed to support the given information with measurable evidence. In presenting his perspective, the student has done pretty well in giving a science-based perspective and opinion about the issue. However, he/she has a problem when it comes to justifying the opinion. The student did not give any measurable information about the problem and therefore the persuasiveness of his ideas is generally weak.

For any piece of work to be authentic, the references given must be credible-both in timing and the authors must also be reliable. Considering this piece of work, the references given by the student are credible. The organizations are reliable in giving the right information. There are citations within the document but the writer seems to give little or no credit to some sources. He/she does not cite some of the information that requires citations, which demeans the quality of the paper.

In conclusion, the student should take into consideration some concepts when writing a scientific paper. One of the most important is the concept of evidence. Evidence should be quantifiable either qualitatively or quantitatively and therefore the writer should be able to give this kind of back to his work. Secondly, the student should give a credible reference for any important idea within the text. Additionally, any assumptions made by those referees must feature clearly and articulately in the work. Finally, the clarity of ideas is an important aspect in writing and the student needs to improve his skills to be able to present his/her work.

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