Law School Transfer Personal Statement

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I am requesting a transfer from the Charlotte law school to Rutgers law school in New Jersey. This is because I want to take my bar exam in New Jersey and therefore I want to go to school there and learn more about New Jersey law. I am already well versed with New Jersey law which I find a bit different from the Charlotte law. I understand New Jersey law better than Charlotte law because of my background since I was brought up in New Jersey and learned to do things by their laws. Shifting to a different place and beginning to learn the law of the place will be a bit difficult as compared to trying to advance and practice the law that I already know. I also intend to work in New Jersey after completing my studies, studying there will therefore give me a chance to familiarize myself with the working environment of the place. The bar exams done from New Jersey will be more relevant in my work than if done from Charlotte school of law with totally different content from the law of New Jersey. In case I sit for the bar exam from Charlotte law school and later proceed to work in New Jersey, I will be required to do some extra courses later to familiarize myself with New Jersey law.

In New Jersey, I am likely to have more networking opportunities than in Charlotte. This is because most of my friends practice their law profession in New Jersey. I am uncertain of having the same connections and networks here in Charlotte as far as the profession is concerned. I also happen to have been visiting a law firm of a friend in New Jersey which has taught me a lot about New Jersey law. Staying in Charlotte will reduce my chances of visiting the law firm and this will negatively impact my career since I want to work in New Jersey after the exam. The residents of New Jersey know me and will have confidence in my ability to handle their pages while to the residents of Charlotte I am new hence their not knowing me may make them uncertain of my abilities. Thus studying in New Jersey will boost my career as I will gain experience.

Am originally from New Jersey and my family currently resides there. Hence, taking my bar exam in New Jersey will ensure I am close to my family members who understand me and will help me in many areas of difficulty as I pursue my education. My father has been a good adviser to me in matters of life and this has kept me going, staying away from him will impact my life negatively and even affect my career. My other family members also play an important role in supporting me both socially and academically. At home, we are free with each other and openly discuss our challenges which reduces discomfort hence I am left with no problems to handle other than to work hard in my studies. Am not good at carrying out some house chores and the family members assist me in this. I will be more comfortable staying around the home and this will boost my performance in the bar exam. Kindly consider my transfer request.

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