Distance Learning Overview

During this spring, all educational facilities have been introduced to remote learning. It quickly became an essential part of the educational process. However, like any innovation, it has also raised a number of heated discussions among teachers and students. Some argue that this new form of learning is effective, while others debate that it cannot provide good results. It is evident that such a controversial matter needs further analysis.

First of all, in an online lesson, it is difficult to involve all students in a discussion of a topic. It is even more challenging to organize a dialogue in class because only a small part of students are willing to participate. Moreover, distance learning requires discipline because all the material must be examined independently. For some people, I was surprised to discover that it demands strong willpower, a sense of responsibility, and self-control. Another aspect that I did not enjoy is the lack of social interactions as most of the online classes do not facilitate oral communication.

However, there are also some positive aspects of this type of education. First of all, when students are learning remotely, they do not need to worry about being behind their classmates in terms of progress. In cases where someone cannot understand a particular topic, he or she can watch video lectures again or re-read lectures. If there are no such problems, a student can skip topics that have been studied and do further research on more complex issues. In this way, this type of learning is flexible for all students.

Several new ideas could be implemented in order to ensure the effectiveness of the educational system while also securing all positive aspects of both concepts. Distance learning provides many benefits, such as adaptability and convenience. However, as it is lacking in communication, it would be advantageous to encourage students to speak more, just like in real-life class. Moreover, more practical tasks that could be done in a group should also be implemented in a curriculum.

In conclusion, it would appear that while remote learning becomes more popular due to developing technology and the necessity to keep the distance, it is still a work in progress. This type of education is still relatively new not only for students but for teachers as well; there is much to be explored and transformed. Nevertheless, with some modifications, it can be changed for the better, so that everyone is able to develop all essential skills while also enjoying the process.

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