Education and Growth as Its Main Purpose


Scholars can analyze various factors to show that the aim of education is growth.

Education is one of the essential factors that are considered when examining an individual’s development. Learning as evolution is a way of achieving mental freedom and creating a stable state of mind to make the right decisions in life. In the current world, growth can be defined by how the community determines its future in shaping the younger generation. These educational activities will later determine the kind of life their children will live. Additionally, evolvement is a well-structured change derived from an individual’s experiences.

Why we Need Education for Growth

Every individual has the right to receive the best education since it is one of the vital aspects that helps in child development. If people are denied this valuable right, they are also deprived of opportunities to progress and have better chances of getting decent jobs. According to Dewey (1997), pupils are robbed of native capacities that could help them survive with the circumstances they encounter in the future if they do not access schooling. Additionally, education is a tool that can separate a mature individual from an immature one. Learning is a process that is beyond giving or receiving instructions in schools. It is a constant learning practice that can be attained at any place and any time. Societies can also be uplifted through education since it supports economic and social settings in the community’s sidelined sections. The growth in learning helps people carry themselves through their daily lives by obeying rules, regulations and giving them a sense of belonging to society.

Many communities are brought down by blind faith and misconceptions. Individuals who live by false, misleading beliefs are a threat to the growth of society. Consequently, education equips people with the necessary knowledge to question and reject fallacies. A learned society will always ask for transparency and science behind all inquiries. Additionally, education for growth helps people make sound decisions to stand up against wrong and right. Young individuals have to learn how to utilize inborn reactions. Researchers revealed that human babies are born with more instinctive tendencies than other animals (Dewey, 1997). Hence, schooling plays a significant role in helping children develop with ease.

A society that has grown in terms of education has a lower crime rate. Similarly, people need education for growth to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. It is vital to have goals that individuals aim to achieve in their lives and reach where they want to be. To justify the plans, societies need education as the principal tool. Schooling provides humans with the equipment and intellectual features required to surpass in life. Indeed, education makes persons achieve their objectives by unlocking vital life skills, such as making the right decisions.

Many scholars have argued that learning should never stop when one leaves school. Individuals need the education to guarantee the continuation of training by organizing the powers that assure growth. When it comes to self-dependency, education also plays an essential role. In this case, when humans receive the best learning, they do not rely entirely on the government for support. Educational growth gives people financial independence, but it also helps them make their depend-life choices. Lastly, the education a child obtains when growing aids in the developing stages. Children need coaching to learn the social and mental skills that will facilitate their future success and growth. Equally, education at childhood bids an essential chance for self-discovery.

Why Society Needs to Grow

When people interpret development reasonably concerning a child’s unique character and adult lifespan, it means the path of power into special channels. As children grow, they develop specific abilities to distort the organs upon which their growth depends (Dewey, 1997). Consequently, communities require educational development to transform the environment, thus motivating new stimuli which convey the urge to keep developing. If individuals ignore the need to grow, they will have blocked development in society. Furthermore, growth helps individuals to familiarize themselves with various environments. Adaptation requires maximum accepting, tolerating, and accepting things as they are. For instance, people have developed ways of surviving in different harsh regions such as deserts. When educated individuals are placed in such areas, they will introduce irrigation to carter plants and their animals to survive under such extreme conditions (Dewey, 1997). Indeed, society needs to grow to rise into a flourishing habitat, and an educated mind can transform the environment.

How Growth is Measured

Scholars have argued that growth in society and individuals can be measured externally. Immaturity can be defined as the primary condition of evolution. According to Dewey (1997), terming immaturity as the possibility of development does not refer to it as the absence of powers present in a later stage. Thus, evolvement can be examined in adulthood on what children lack and what they will continue missing until a certain age of maturity is reached. If teenagers are allowed to air out their views, they will tell a different story about education and growth.

Life with no Education Growth

Without education, a society cannot grow since it lacks the proper intellect to build and maintain the community. Education is not all about studies, but it involves having opinions on how individuals evaluate matters, develop their ideas, and grow into unique persons. When people lack educational growth, they will lack the ability to understand the government’s inherently wrong decisions. Individuals need to comprehend how the administration can easily take advantage of uneducated citizens. According to Dewey (1997), the experiences people have are the proper attack lines. Thus, if there is no appropriate foundation for education, society will not flourish.

What it Means to Lead a Meaningful Life

Many people believe that living a meaningful life means having an educated life. Through education, people obtain the empowerment to turn a weakness into a strength. Additionally, they acquire the confidence to represent themselves as they grow. An educated life improves persons’ capabilities to make the right decisions and gives them special access to social networks. In nations where girls were victims of gender bias, education gave them a meaningful life. With educational growth, girls can stand up against marital violence and help them take charge of their lives. Secondly, a meaningful life is a productive life, and the more people go to school, the further they become productive. One can also argue that the relationship between education and productivity is beyond separation. Education is behind every success story of an industry and country. Lastly, a meaningful life is a progressive life, whereby when an individual is educated, a lot of opportunities open up. Today, education and technology guarantee that geographical locations do not influence job prospects.


To conclude, the various aspects that have been analyzed reveal that education is an essential aspect of growth. Moreover, the report shows that learning helps in advancing an individual’s intellectual skills. Children should be educated to ensure that they develop and can adapt to different surroundings. Society needs to be educated since it is one way to guarantee advancement is achieved. Researchers have also revealed that education enables people to have a meaningful life and focus on self-dependence. In essence, multiple factors can show that the main aim of education is growth.


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