Education: “Strategies for Developing Intergroup Dialogue”

The nursing team constitutes a diverse group of people from different backgrounds. The learning activity on “Strategies for Developing Intergroup Dialogue Among Diverse Peers” by Myrna Cano-Wolfbra addressed the different problems associated with diversity in the learning and working environment. Thus, the attended conference targeted the nursing professionals and was aimed at addressing the communication issue among different groups.

Key Take Homes


In the nursing profession, there have been numerous intergroup communication issues. One of these problems includes the inability to recognize another person’s culture. Nurses are unable to identify how to communicate with their colleagues without negatively influencing their behavior. According to research, one of the contributing factors of an unfavorable work environment is the inability to communicate or integrate with other employees (Lee et al., 2021). As a result, those employees who are unable to associate with their work environment often are less productive.


To solve the problem of intergroup dialogue, health institutions are required to educate people on how to communicate with diverse populations. Research states that when individuals consider other people’s diverse cultures and methods, they tend to understand different groups with ease (White et al., 2021). As a result, individuals or nurses can easily relate to a diverse group through dialogue. In this case, nurses can participate in a constructive communication process that includes understanding and constructive discussions.

Goals Met

The scholarly activity identified a gap in the intergroup association among the nursing profession. The goal of this activity was to highlight the impact of personal and social identity in communication among the social group. The goal was met because it clearly defined the problem of communication among nursing practitioners. The scholarly activity differentiated between personal and social identity by defining their advantages among different groups.

The scholarly activity targeted the nursing profession and identified communication as a problem. One of the competencies identified was dialogue among different groups. The program addresses personal and social identity theories to explain the problem of communication among diverse groups.


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