Epic! As a Diverse Educational App


Children have too many interactive devices, electronic toys, phones, and tablets so it is rather difficult to make ordinary reading fun and engaging. This fact is quite unfortunate because no amount of video games and cartoons can be as effective and helpful for the cognitive development of a child as a well-written book.

What Attracts Kids

Everyone knows that some kids are born bookworms, and others – need a boost. With tens of thousands of popular best-selling books plus fun audiobooks and videos Epic fuels curiosity and unlocks kids’ potential at any level. They can explore what they are into and crush their reading goals anytime anywhere so children do not have to be forced to read if they can read what they like.

How to Get Started

To get started, parents have to understand how the app Epic! can be helpful for the kids:

  • It personalizes their daily reading – it has daily age- and level-appropriate recommendations customized to kids’ interests.
  • The service can track progress so people can see what books their kid likes, time spent reading, and more.
  • Epic! builds confidence – endless books, educational videos, and more to grow children’s skills and feed curiosity.
  • Epic! grows with a child, too, with personalized recommendations that evolve with their interests and skills over time.

Advantages of the App

Extra tools like “read to me” books, text highlighting, and dictionary lookups help kids grow into even stronger readers. Badges make them proud of what they learned and want to come back for more. Parents can join children on their reading journey with progress tracking, daily updates, and more.

Learning In and Outside the Classroom. At Home

Remarkably, the aforementioned service provides great help both for individual non-school education and for the teachers’ work. At home, kids can learn new materials without any connection to their current school curriculum, just what they like or what they are interested in. Luckily, Epic! has tens of different genres and topics of literature that might be of interest to children. For example, some of them might find themselves captivated by the books about traveling and adventure, like Robinson Crusoe and so on.

As psychologists say, underage learners can get excited and recall the information a teacher is trying to convey if they are the ones who control the process of learning (Porath et al., 2021). The role of adult teachers, according to the High/Scope approach, is to observe, support, and develop the children’s imaginative games (Mesquita, 2016). New ideas, therefore, should be introduced to young learners by affectionate adults through small and large-group engaging activities. This information helps us understand how psychological methods of efficient learning are used in the app Epic! so that teachers trust this app in helping students become eager to read.

Pros and Cons


Industry leaders and parents have recognized Epic! as the leading app for reading and learning. Also, Epic! is a hundred percent kids safe with carefully vetted human-curated books; the company’s top priority is a child’s privacy so there is no damaging or harmful content there. Its effectiveness was psychologically proven when it comes to finding individual preferences in literature. Moreover, the app Epic! increases kids’ ability to store memories, and highly improves their learning skills.


There are not many cons because of the individual interface that learns children’s preferences so the content is always well-adjusted. However, the problem of shortened attention span cannot be solved by this app: there are still multiple media resources there that can cause a sensory overload.


Epic! is a rather diverse educational app that includes various engaging and entertaining information and well-sorted book for any of the child’s needs, interests, and preferences. Interacting with this app can be helpful in and out of the classroom because it improves individual learning skills as well as allows interesting educational experiences for large groups of students. Therefore, children can explore the amazing world of complicated concepts such as literature, art, knowledge, science, and so on, via this app.


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