Fire and Life Safety Analysis

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This paper is going to summarize an article regarding fire safety management in AF Child Development Center. The report’s name is “Fire and Life Safety Analysis,” it consists of 60 pages written by Judy Biddle and published by AF Child Development Center in 2014. It provides an extensive overview of fire safety methods used by the center, such as fire alarm models and evacuation pathways.

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The article is based on primary data, which was found by the author in the development center, which is used in the statistical part of the research. The methodology used by Biddle in the paper allows her to approach the analysis of fire safety in this paper carefully. Biddle’s work is convenient to navigate as it has a well-defined outline, allowing readers to find the topic they are interested in quickly. She goes from a simple evaluation of the fire alarm systems and then talks about the interior design. Furthermore, the author covers critical topics such as the Available Safe Egress Time (ASET), comparing it against the required criteria, which is particularly important in facilities, educating children. In addition, the author also found enough secondary resources for the evaluation of fire safety in the building. Overall, it is a well-structured report that can be used as an example for similar works in other development centers.

Personally, I believe that this is a well-written paper with a clear structure and outline. In my opinion, its main advantage is the number of aspects the author covers in managing fire safety in AF Child Development Centre. Judy Biddle’s report is an excellent example of how academic research should analyze safety management in child facilities. Moreover, this piece of writing can be used as a checklist for any other specialist building such as a hospital or a school.

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