Illinois Early Learning Project

The Worm Project in Illinois covered five key learning areas that can be used as a standard in many learning locations. The Illinois Early Learning Project is anchored on the ability of children to be alert to sights, sounds, abstract objects, and concepts that make children explorers. The five key areas covered in the project include developing language and literacy, knowledge acquisition in cognition, and general learning that includes development in mathematical skills and scientific reasoning, dynamic learning approaches, motor development, and physical growth, as well as socio-emotional development.

First, the Worm Project allowed the teacher to get opportunities for vocabulary and language development. Through the project, children were able to identify new words, such as “catching,” which helps build their vocabulary at an early age (Burd and De Luca). Second, the project exposed children to cognition and general knowledge gathering. When children interacted with worms, they were able to recognize them and gather more information about the physical characteristics of worms. In essence, the children became cognitive and learned how to get information from nature through observation. In fact, in phase two of the project, the learners were able to learn simple mathematics, such as measuring the lengths of the worms using a tape measure. The measurement activity was key in making students aware of the units of measurement.

Third, the project had dynamic learning approaches. The learning ways the project used were out-of-class activities, including a collection of worms, and in-class activities such as drawing (Burd and De Luca). The various learning methods help students learn fast and quickly understand the basic concepts in education. Forth, the project allowed the children to engage in physical exercise that made them grow physically. Fifth, the kids’ interaction during the entire project is key to socio-emotional growth (Burd and De Luca). In general, the project is fundamental in early childhood education that is applicable universally.

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