Importance of Academic Language

Academic language is necessary for communication at an official level. For example, it is essential for schools or colleges, and in the future, for business and documentation, maintaining a conversation on various topics, official correspondence, and many other activities. All types of scientific, student, and examination works are written using academic language. A low level of academic language skills affects a person’s learning success, and its study requires considerable effort and time.

The use of academic language in educational institutions is most common. In such a case, it is crucial for:

  • clear understanding and analysis of the material, the study of required literature
  • expression of ideas and thoughts in writing and oral statements

Since difficulties in learning academic language arise mainly for non-speakers (English language learners), they are encouraged to devote as much time as possible to it. Without losing opportunities, it is necessary to work on academic English not only during classes but also during out-of-school time. The analyzed article on academic language points out a few methods of active learning (Scarcella & Pompa, 2020). The most important way can be considered cooperation with other students. Practice shows that group studying produces better results. Collaborative classes help to understand better lecture material on which various students may have an unexpected point of view that is worth discussing.

Ways to improve knowledge also include dictionary exercises, practice in short text writing, retelling and rephrasing, and many others. All these methods should be taken into account while learning the academic language, as more practice increases the chances of success. Knowledge of academic English will significantly increase the overall level of language proficiency. After mastering this challenging style, the knowledge horizon expands, as does the ability to use English.


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