Media Utilization and Student Learning

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Which should come first: the media or the method?

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There is no need to choose between two versions, as both – the media and the method should appear at the same time. Taking into account the fact that educational technologies for teaching and learning are of wide range, one can probably conclude that new methods require new technologies in order to implement the key purposes of educational principles. “The meaningful integration of technology is knowing when, why, and how specific tools should be used to facilitate overall learning” (Newby et al., 2011). In other words, it becomes evident that the combination of the media and the method determines the learning success. The effectiveness of various methods is determined by the media. Thus, the media can be regarded as a necessary element to accomplish the purpose of the method. Both issues are closely interdependent.

If two media formats were shown to be equally effective for presenting your content, what factors might cause you to choose one over the other?

The factors, which should be taken into account while choosing between media formats include “various levels of content, types of learners, and learning situations” (Newby et al., 2011). In other words, appropriate media formats are to be chosen in order to achieve the main goal. Thereby, a student or a teacher is to determine what effects he or she wants to achieve. Despite the fact that two media formats can be equally effective, these formats involve unique characteristics; for this reason, one is to keep in mind special qualities of media formats, which may contribute to the learning experiences.

How can different media help meet the needs of various types of learners, including those with special needs?

Different media can help meet the needs of various learners if the messages are well designed and appropriately delivered. Thus, for learners, it is extremely important to understand the information in a proper way. If messages are poorly developed, learners can misinterpret different information media contain. To facilitate the process of learning, media can be introduced “before learning the concept; after a brief introduction, but before learning the concept; after learning the concept; before and after, if topics are complex” (“How to Use Media to Enhance Teaching and Learning,” 2011). Those learners who prefer visual information perception can rely on a set of visuals, including printed visuals, projected visuals, displayed visuals, etc. Those who prefer audio information perception can use videotapes, DVD, etc.

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Different media can also be used in a coordinated manner; thus, multimedia is to be taken into account. Learners with special needs can use specially designed programs.

What is the relationship between the principles of media utilization and student learning?

The relationship between the principles of media utilization and the process of learning is evident. Thus, media utilization allows directing students’ attention to the most important aspects of certain topics, to summarize information in a quick manner, to review previously learned contents, to encourage student participation in discussion, etc.

How does media aid in the design of instruction?

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Combining several media formats is crucial for successful learning. Media allows us to achieve needed interactivity; it impacts students’ motivation. Weak materials mean limited learning. “Powerful, well-designed instructional materials will be what the learners will remember, and they must be created, integrated, and presented in a manner that allows them to have the needed impact” (Newby et al., 2011). One is also to remember that different media are used for different instructions (Gagne, n. d.).


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