Importance of Cesf Grant Assessment

Obtaining a degree is important to me because it opens up many channels of opportunities in my life but at the same time enriches me with knowledge through sharpening my intellect. Making advancement in academics has now become a priority in the modern global setup since many institutions in different parts of the world are springing up while offering numerous disciplines with high tuition regardless of the global financial difficulties, this has exerted a lot of pressure on many families who are forced to go deep into their pocket in order to support their families in those institutions or apply for a grant or scholarship. But still with the universal demand for experts or rather more qualified personnel and the trend in which things are changing in technological know-how is worrying thus the demand for more qualified persons to keep up with the complex growing modern society. The role played by these institutions is great although it’s both positive and negative to culture and society.

Before joining any institution of higher learning one of the pertinent questions ion one has to ask and answer is to find out the course of study. It simply depends on somebody’s interest and goals in life, for instance, my favorite area of study and of which am now pursuing is a degree in penal law or criminal law/justice with a target of working as a law enforcer, but this cannot be achieved without considering the issue of financial security plus the personal zeal towards the goal. After attending Briarcliff College in Bethpage N.Y and getting good scores of 3.8 GPA still there are other more requirements that are needed to be fulfilled before the Grand and the Admission can be issued from both the University College and the Career Education Scholarship Fund. Altheseis requirements and procedures are imposed to make sure that the best and most needy students are the only one that benefits from CESF and that they are able to maintain proper academic progress throughout their studies as required by the school. Being able to win the Career Education Scholarship Fund helps needy students to prioritize their academics by eliminating the more likely possible stress that could have developed due to the lack of tuition. this is because the most difficult problem to solve among many needy students are the issue surrounding tuition fees at any learning institution, getting CESF grand will greatly help me concentrate and focus on my studies properly; in other words it will mean that everything that is needed to excel in the academic arena will be available in my disposal, since it would have been paid for, for instance: depending on the magnitude of the grand, issues related to general tuition, books and money for personal effects would have been covered and now the chances of settling down to focus on my degree completion will be high. Secondly, as my financial need will continue to be secure through winning CESF grand and my academic progress becomes impressive, my degree will be the best if not one of the best.

In conclusion, education is very vital to any modern day human being and all institutions from elementary to higher institution should support any eligible bright needy students to harness that potential for the benefit of the nation and the world at large. The Career Education Scholarship Fund need to identify the true needy students with outstanding academic records and give them the opportunity to release their full potential. The government on other hand must take the responsibility of making sure that good and reliable paying jobs are available which will enable to raise a strong society with good moral and powerful economy.

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