Interaction Between Individual and Environments

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The interaction between individuals and the environment and between different environments is not linear. Non-linear dynamic relationships and interconnections between people and settings, or only between environments, are based on complexity and complexity, multiple paths of development, and influence on each other. Considering the interaction and impact within social, physical, and cultural environments, the impossibility of elements inherent in one setting in isolation from others is observed.

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The social environment can be characterized by the formation and activity of different conditions of a person, organization, and class. Each person undergoes socialization, entering the social environment through the gradual mastery of the norms, rules, knowledge, and values ​​of a given society, where a particular culture is traced. The cultural background is a social phenomenon; for its formation, a social situation is required, which is formed only due to contacts between people (Englund et al., 2018). Thus, in all its fullness of functions and processes, forms, and contents, culture is possible only in a social environment, which proves the influence and interaction of the two presented environments.

The physical environment means everything material a person comes into contact with that can be physically felt and perceived. Speaking about the interaction of habitats, it is necessary to note the physical component, both in the social and cultural backgrounds. For an individual, communication itself, as the main activity that determines the social environment, is not physical, but people, as objects for interaction, represent what a person comes into contact with. Culture also finds material embodiment in its elements, such as national dress, jewelry, food, and more. Therefore, a specific connection between environments, the impossibility to exist of one without the other, is observed.


Englund, C., Olofsson, A. D., & Price, L. (2018). The influence of sociocultural and structural contexts in academic change and development in higher education. Higher Education, 76(6), 1051-1069.

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