Perception of Education

Our education system has been structured to meet the desire of every student. Therefore, students are guaranteed guidance by their academic instructors so that they can know how the best studies should be undertaken. Even when this is the case with our education system, students are required to understand they are supposed to take education seriously with or without the assistance of their academic instructors. Although students strive to do their best at school, the academic challenges and successes, as well as the obstacles they face every day, continue to impact their ability of students especially when students are set to achieve the desired life goals.

As a student, I have always put a lot of emphasis on my studies the same way other students do. I believe in concentrating on my studies even when my classmates fail to discuss the concepts taught to us by our teacher. Today, I continue to take my studies seriously because I look forward to achieving specific goals after I am done with my studies. However, I understand that if I fail to provide appropriate solutions to some of the key academic challenges that have been affecting my studies, I would be disadvantaged as a student. Failure to tackle the academic challenges I have always faced as a student means that my ability to achieve the goals I desire will be compromised eventually.

Procrastination on assignments is a key challenge that has been affecting my ability to focus on my studies. Suppose I fail to do my assignments on time and as required, I understand it would be difficult to achieve the life goals I intend to achieve in the future. I have also had challenges with my study schedules especially when it comes to planning and organizing how I should study. Because of my bad planning and organization skills, I noted that I would end up procrastinating on assignments. Thus, I believe that I am obliged to improve how I should be managing my studies. Without a proper management schedule for my studies, I understand I would still fail to plan and organize my study schedule.

The academic challenges I face as a student have always pushed me to communicate with my academic instructors. When I feel that I need some clarity on a particular subject in one of my courses, I have been contacting my academic instructors for clarity and direction. Nowadays, I believe in setting my academic priorities right because I do not believe in quitting once I begin to study a particular subject. I, therefore, study the same way focused students do so that I can become an accomplished student. Once I have transformed to become an accomplished student, there would be a guarantee that I will achieve the goals I have always desired.

In conclusion, I will continue to manage my study schedule so that I can get the best out of my studies. Through proper management of my study schedule, I would plan and organize when and how I would be undertaking my studies. With proper management, my behavior to procrastinate on assignments will be a thing of the past. Overall, I will find a study partner who will help clarify some concepts with me when I need clarity. I would still rely on my academic instructors for guidance.

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