Interrelation Between Health and Education

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Interrelation between health and education has been studied for a long time in many countries, using many different methods and measures. It is undeniable fact, that there is a strong relationship between them.

The purpose of this article is to reveal the relevance of this research area and update it. According to the article, education can affect health, as well as health, can affect education. Eide and Showalter (2011, p. 778) claim, “Numerous studies document that higher levels of education are positively associated with longer life and better health throughout the lifespan.” It concentrates on recent research data and essential materials.

It is quite meaningful for the policy to know the process of education influencing health. It is very important to understand how schooling interacts with health. According to the latest research, more educated people have lower sickness rates and rarely suffer from chronic diseases, have a longer life expectancy, and have a better health conditions. From the article, we can see that such measures like compulsory schooling laws can decrease mortality.

For example, Lleras-Muney finds that compulsory schooling reduces cohort mortality in the U.S. Tapping mechanism of that kind of interaction can be more efficient, rather than an increase of educational level. But, if there is no other way for obtaining skills that eventually affect health, increasing of educational level can be the right decision. Despite this contradiction, education measures can have a significant effect on health.

Better educated people spend fewer days in depression or bad physical condition.

Good health was always associated with good marks at school, though, not without a reason. Better nutrition and health condition lead to better attention, performance on examinations. In this article, attention was focused on a causal link, using a variety of sources. Here were considered such factors as height, illnesses, disorders, general health conditions. In the article were considered such questions as the influence of birth weight and early health conditions of a child on future consequences, childhood trauma, the dependence of success from height, specific health disorders affection. This part of the article represents the direct relationship between health conditions and educational achievements, as well as further success in life. Low birth weight, for example, is an influential cause of some serious disabilities, like heart disease and diabetes.

As we can see, the interaction between education and health is an interesting and quite beneficial area to investigate. There is much more to explore and there are a lot of data awaiting further calculations. A good education has a long-lasting effect on health conditions and life expectancy. As for the further development of research on this matter,

One interesting path is suggested by the evolution of human capital research, specifically by the types of questions that have been explored in evaluating the effect of education on labor market outcomes… work to date suggests a similar research trajectory and therefore provides some markers on possible questions of interest (Eide and Showalter 2011, p. 789).

The main questions for education are about marginal returns for health and how the quality of education affects health. Some directions are a great interest for researchers: long and short-run health outcomes and educational quality; educational quality as for the racial differences and its health outcomes; different periods of college attendance and its connection to health outcomes; quality of the college study and its effect on health outcomes (Eide and Showalter 2011, p. 789).


Eide, ER & Showalter, MH, 2011, ‘Estimating the relation between health and education: What do we know and what do we need to know?’ Economics of Education Review. Web.

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