LARS Tech IT Consulting: System Analysis and Design

System analysis and Design is considered to be the process of investigating and understanding business concepts and requirements, as well as software solutions specifying. It is necessary to underline the fact that this course contributed to capturing business problems’ essence through the analysis and effective software solution creation through the design. The knowledge of system analysis and design course contributed to my personal working experience stimulating confidence promotion and the formation of principle competitive strategies without additional rework and investment.

My career at LARS Tech IT Consulting, DBR Technology, has been developed in accordance with complex system analysis and design, allowing me to strengthen my knowledge and skills considerably. Starting a career building as a web developer, I was involved in the projects studying the stakeholders and deliverables. Further on my responsibilities were considerably extended and I had to cope with interfaces design and work reviews. The system of analysis and design helped me to get an understanding of work organization and planning.

Moving to DBR, I faced the fact-finding techniques – requirements gathering and analysis; regular participation in specialized courses and reading business literature gave an opportunity to build the skills necessary for modeling and transforming the analysis models into the design ones. These responsibilities provided me with a clear picture of a full life cycle clarifying the implementation techniques I had to deal with.

My involvement in software design and methodologies development helped me to form the skills necessary for Component-Based Development; the participation in the design and analysis of the project was based on quality assurance responsibilities through peers’ work review.

My skills helped me to understand the peculiarities of risk management through the analysis of issues compromising the ability to deliver the product at a given period. My analysis and design phases’ responsibilities were increased by the involvement in technical team leader promotion. I experienced the analysis and review of design being developed by junior team members; besides, my duties were concentrated on modeling and assisting the deliverables’ performance evaluations.

I would like to stress that the course of system analysis and design contributed to my skills and knowledge development in the following aspects:

  • The analysis of design robust and change-tolerant software through the UML;
  • Businesses need evolvement by means of an appropriate software system;
  • The complex behavior control for the purpose of user interaction and effective problem resolution;
  • The development process adoption ensuring web-enabled systems and robust database;
  • The achievement of optimum quality systems based on supporting CASE tools and software techniques.

Taking the senior development position in cooperation with Partners in Computing made me dive into the depth of full life cycle development, covering the processes from analysis to implementation. The necessity to analyze the existing production defects taught me to cope with complex issues solutions. The system analysis and design study contributed to the understanding of modeling techniques’ role and the methodology development. The skills obtained gave me an opportunity to make analysis reports and provide code fixes implementation adjusting production data through the SQL scripts usage. The experience of monitoring junior team members in direct assignment and instruction helped me to evaluate the basic mistakes and their solutions faced in design and analysis professional career.

My involvement in the sphere of IT technologies helped me to exercise my practice in system analysis and design in accordance with the following aspect:

  • Redundancy reduction through normalization;
  • Ontology development;
  • Design trade-offs assessment;
  • The data management in web-enabled environment.

The knowledge of the listed aspects contributed to the effective usage of learned methodologies and successful business modeling operating. It is necessary to underline the fact that IT experience made me becoming more qualified in system requirements and its components.

Modern developing business environment requires the achievement of competitive advantages through responsive software speedy delivery adapting to technologies and challenging people’s expectations. The integration of all the skills obtained through study of system analysis and design and its usage in career practice give an opportunity to cope with the most sophisticated issues based on life cycle development, modeling techniques, business area analysis and design, project management and various software complications.

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