Parental Involvement in the Classroom

Parental involvement is beneficial for students’ academic achievement irrespective of their age. Recent studies suggest that students perform better and are more motivated when their parents are involved in the classroom in diverse ways (Liang et al., 2020). The involvement of a mother of a TK student who has a baby is also possible, although certain limitations exist. If the mother brings the child to the school, this time can be used for discussions and this woman’s involvement.

Conferences can also be an option in the case under study, although scheduling this meeting may require more flexibility on the teacher’s part (Gestwicki, 2015). This conference can be held with the help of technology (Zoom or other applications), which is becoming quite typical. During these encounters (personal or computer-based), the teacher and the mother can discuss their concerns, the child’s achievement and progress, and ideas regarding classroom management improvements or other aspects (Liang et al., 2020). Home visits can also be an option in this case, as this type of parental involvement is also beneficial for the child (Ilhan et al., 2019). These meetings can help the teacher, the parent, and the child builds appropriate relationships and shares ideas and relevant information.

Finally, the mother can also participate in classroom activities with the use of technology. The use of video conferences can facilitate some parental meetings. The mother can also be present during some classes as a part of projects involving parents. Finally, arranging activities involving other mothers with babies is possible. These can be outdoor or classroom activities where parents, students, and their siblings can interact. All these options will help the mother to be involved and will be beneficial for the student.


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