Personal Statement on Education Abroad

Many reasons to support the idea of studying abroad exist, including career and education opportunities, international relationships, language skills, personal development, and cultural diversity. However, it does not mean that every student is ready to leave a native country and get inspired by seeing new people and places. In my case, I believe that a chance to change Hong Kong for Korea for academic purposes cannot be neglected. Education abroad is hardly easy, but it fascinates and makes people strong and persistent. I will be able to discover another culture and compare lifestyles and language peculiarities. Being interested in media and culture, I have to understand how to introduce unique stories and stay culturally sensitive, respecting other people’s interests and traditions. My goal in studying abroad is to learn how to combine differences and distinguish between essence and existence.

Today, people get access to a variety of technologies, resources, and ideas for improving their lives and achieving the best results in education and career. Studying abroad is not only about learning something new or comparing native and foreign experiences. Education in another country is characterized by a number of benefits. For example, as a future media worker, I must know how to interact with people with different views and attitudes to similar events. To succeed in the chosen profession, I should demonstrate respect to every individual, introduce an interesting position, and prove the appropriateness of my ideas. While studying abroad, I could observe and experience the processes of cultural assimilation and dissimilation and strengthen my language skills. Chinese and Koran are two different languages, but many Korean words are derivatives of Chinese. Therefore, it would be interesting to practice my Korean in a natural environment.

As soon as I achieve academic confidence in a new country, I will get multiple opportunities to improve my social skills. Communication with the population, exchange of information, and attention to local traditions and sights should help me understand Korean society from different perspectives. Korea is known as one of the most digitalized countries around the globe, so my interest in its technological progress cannot be ignored. I understand that the achievements of Hong Kong scientists are impressive, but a distinguishing feature of Korean society is an intention to combine modern technologies and cultural traditions, the past and the future.

Talking about my personal preferences and interests, I should admit my passion for the pop culture and its impact on society and language. In the 1990s, the Korean Wave, also known as Hallyu, introduced K-dramas and songs around the Asian region. It was not only an economic achievement or an entertainment contribution. The idea of Hallyu is to make Korean one of the leaders in popular culture. On the one hand, such a goal seems to be too officious and even absurd to develop soft power among such a variety of competitors. On the other hand, I am impressed and interested in the way of how Korea positions itself in the global market and creates enough opportunities to investigate its history and culture.

In addition to the possibility of learning the country, with its prospects and resources, I believe that studying abroad helps me understand myself, my skills, and my future plans. The decision to connect my future career with media is not spontaneous. I think that social media has a great impact on people and the way they develop their relationships. I have to be prepared for communication, analysis, and examination of the people and events around, and to go to Korea for studying purposes is a good starting point in my development and growth.

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