Summer Abroad Program at the University of Toronto

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What is Summer Abroad?

Summer Abroad Program is an opportunity to travel the world and study, choose from 25 countries and spend 3-6 weeks in the summer. Getting the credit of the University of Toronto can be both a goal and pleasant addition to the journey. Being in a language environment and studying with the university of Toronto peers is a great way to improve your language and at the same time make lifelong friends and professional connections. With daily on-site staff support and help with your day-to-day needs, any problems, if any, will be quickly resolved, and a simple online application will not be challenging to enroll in the program. In addition, this program will become an opportunity to internationalize your degree for today’s job market, gain new knowledge and skills, mastering the culture of central Europe.

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The benefits of Summer Abroad

One of these programs’ most essential and compelling aspects is that learning is not limited to the classroom. The locations themselves become your living textbook; you will observe and experience a lot of what you learn, including the culture, history, language, religion, art, politics, and business of the host country.

The University of Toronto’s policy

In line with the University of Toronto’s policy of equality, diversity, and excellence, summer programs strive to be fully inclusive. The University strives to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate in these programs. The support for equality is based on an institution-wide commitment to creating an environment free of discrimination for work, teaching, and learning.

CENTRAL EUROPE and surrounding area

The program introduces students to this unique region through academic study, “immersion in local culture, and several three-day field trips to other cities and countries in the region.” (University of Toronto, 2021) Masaryk University runs the program in Brno; a short sightseeing tour of the city will take place in Brno. Group activities will also be planned, such as a visit to Villa Tugendhat, a boat trip on Lake Brno, and a visit to the Makocha Caves.

Interesting facts about the Central Europe program

  • Central Europe was a cultural center until World War II, and the region’s capitals are known for their spectacular Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture.
  • Brno, the main base for the program in the Czech Republic, is an attractive city located in the very heart of Europe. Its many cultural, sports and leisure facilities match the tastes and lifestyles of more than 85,000 local university students, whose presence makes it such a young and vibrant city.
  • Brno is a city with easy access to all of Central Europe, making it an ideal starting point for exploring the region.

Summer Abroad Experience

From personal experience, many people note functional interaction as the most useful for life. So, as students at the University of Toronto, the program participants studied only business cases in theory. By participating in the Summer Abroad program, they could listen to lectures and speeches of people working in large companies. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from practice and apply knowledge in life.


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