Physician Assistant Program’s Mission Statement

A single person can hardly gather all the medical knowledge and competencies to become the best representative in the chosen field. However, there are many options to strengthen critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and communication skills. It means that I always have some room for improvement and personal or professional growth. I chose the Physician Assistant Program to prepare myself to become a good physician assistant, with the possibility of finding a job and supportive people. I believe that mutual respect, communication, and attention to detail are integral in health care. Some individuals are not able to ask for help or define their needs properly. In their turn, healthcare providers cannot assist every citizen if they have limited or no information. Thus, I want to carry out this program’s mission and learn how to recognize and highlight the needs of underserved populations.

Despite the intention to provide all people with equal care and medical help, not many facilities have strong and clear policies. As a representative of the Arab community in the United States, I observe many families with no insurance or refugee statuses facing difficulties obtaining timely medical care. Instead of being diagnosed and treated by an expert, Arabs or minorities try to remember their old home remedies and rely on personal experiences in dealing with health problems. If a foreigner is lucky to have an appointment with a doctor and take all the necessary tests, they struggle to translate their treatment plans from English to their native language. There has to be a smooth transition between local health care and underserved populations. I believe that this program helps enhance my competencies in applying medical knowledge, communicating, offering person-centered care, and improving care quality.

Not many academic facilities have properly developed and improved active learning classrooms with professional educators and supportive equipment. I think that if a student gets a chance to be a part of this model, it is necessary to appreciate every opportunity. Relying on my past educational experiences, I see that not many students know how to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. It is possible to learn theories, remember diagnostic steps, and explain all communication aspects in patient-physician relationships. However, when it is time to make real decisions and take responsibility for human life, some individuals experience difficulties and face multiple concerns. An active learning model promotes open discussions, case studies, and student involvement at different care stages. All these activities enhance the transition from a student to a clinician.

Regarding pandemic restrictions and online learning accomplishments, distance education makes it possible to complete tasks, take tests, and get degrees from different parts of the world. Students read books and journals, write essays, and participate in forums, neglecting many practical aspects. My decision to select active learning over other models is based on the desire to solve problems, distribute roles, participate in debates, and rely on real-life examples. Although following standards and communication are critical for any learning process, my curiosity and desire to self-improve set another purpose for my education. I have to obtain new knowledge and, at the same time, share my thoughts and experiences to check if my decision-making is correct. One-sided education is one of the most serious threats to healthcare providers and patients. It is not enough for students to read and learn all the time. I want to focus on developing my inner skills and values that fulfill my life and help others know more about my past challenges, current achievements, and possible contributions. Active learning is never simple, but I am ready to take this step and enjoy the best learning environment.

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